95 Year Old Comes Out As Gay. What Does He Have To Say About That?

Do you remember when you realized that you were gay?

Do you remember how old you were when you came out? 

When is the right age to come out?

So many questions, but there's one main answer.  I'm gay.  Plain and simple, right? But when we decide to share that fact with ourselves and with others, it seems like we are all on our own clock.

Davey Wavey brings us a man that has waited a little longer than the rest of us to be out and open.  Yes, some of us will never come out, but Roman waited … well let's see how long he waited.



Roman's story is very complex. On one hand, it's the triumphant story of a 95 year old man coming out of the closet – and shedding the weight of a nine-decade secret. That is certainly something worth celebrating!
On the other hand, Roman's story is also deeply emotional and, at times, quite difficult. At some level, it's the story of lost opportunities. You can't help but wonder, had the circumstances been different, how Roman's story could have ended differently. And you also feel for Roman's wife. While they undoubtedly loved each other in a deep way, both Roman and his wife deserve passion and sexual intimacy. Did they have that despite Roman being gay? I don't know.
But despite the story's complexity, Roman's desire to feel the heartbeat of someone who loves him is fundamentally human. It's a simple yearning that drives all of us. In it, we see Roman's humanity. And we see ourselves. – davey wavey


Knowing that you were gay for 90 years and finally coming out.  Roman doesn't sound like he had a hard life, but he did hint at some trials and tribulations.  He as well doesn't talk about regrets, although there may be some.  What Roman talks about is what he is looking for now.  There's no, I shoulda woulda coulda's but more what he desires now that he is out.

We wish you luck, Roman.  Someone out there has a beating heart that will match yours.

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