Artist Draws Rocco Steele Naked and The Comparison is Uncanny

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rocco Steele, let me catch you up a bit.

Rocco has been at the "top" of his game for most of the 2010's by being one of the biggest (if not the biggest) gay porn star we have seen in years.  This is due to his handsome looks, daddy-type behavior on camera and a member that boasts the size of being 10 x 7.  You heard that right folks, 10 x 7.  Good luck with that.

As with any sort of celebrity or porn star, you'll have fans who go the extra mile and do something special for said person.  In this case, someone by the name of Esziedraws drew a cartoon version of Rocco, where the difference between the real life and cartoon has little to no difference.

Below is the edited version of said picture, here is the real version.  Wow, what a mouth full. 


Beautiful work by @esziedraws …follow him here (and on twitter @esziedraws for full drawing ;))

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