Australian Field Hockey Players Strip Down to Fight Homophobia in Sports

Australia has been experiencing quite a lot of highs in terms of progress for the LGBTQ community.  Earlier this week, it became the 24th country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage less than a month after its citizens voted yes in the same capacity.

Even though marriage is now legal down there, a fight that is still occurring for the LGBTQ community all around the world is the ever present problem with homophobia in sports.  Luckily, a popular field hockey team down under is fighting this issue by shedding their clothes and shining light on the problem as well as their incredible figures.

The Perth Pythons, a unisex field hockey team, have shot a nude calendar, where they will use funds raised by the calendar to support their work making sport more inclusive for the LGBTI community.

"This calendar, as part of the work we are doing at The Perth Pythons, is our contribution to making hockey a more inclusive sport. I hope it gives people the confidence to be their true selves, because that in turn enriches community groups like our sporting clubs," said Perth Hockey team member Reid Smith.

Several members posed near a nudist spot called Swanbourne Beach for the actual shoot.  

"An individual's sexuality does not define their skill, performance or commitment to sport; it shouldn't impede their participation," exclaimed fellow player & ally Dylan Wotherspoon

If you are interested in a copy, check out their official site

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