Bask in the Handsomeness that is Former Reality Star Emmett Blois

Big Brother Canada just wrapped up its sixth season last week (yay Paras!) as it clears the way for Big Brother in the United States to start next month (please no more Paul. Ever).

A while back, we did a gallery post of sorts regarding the hottest men to ever appear on BBCan since its inception five years ago. I was reminded of one in particular who I follow on IG that definitely needs to be featured in some sort of solo kind of way as he is just that superbly hot.

Emmett Blois, who appeared on Big Brother Canada 1, did a great job during his season and made it all the way to the final three only to be evicted on the last night by none other than the fabulous Gary Levy (who should've won if it wasn't for TOPAZ! See the link here). 

Something I always admired about Emmett, who at that point was a dairy farmer from Gore, Nova Scotia, was that he talked about how gay friendly he was as his brother was openly gay (you see clips in the premiere episode). He also had a fantastic demeanor throughout the competition and has now developed himself into a well-followed social media personality while owning a gym called The Barn and doing a ton of other cool things.

Also… he's gorgeous. And these pics (where he's definitely put on some major muscle since his BB season) prove that. So if you are looking to find a way to get yourself through the day, relax and take a look at some of Emmett's sexy IG pics. 




Good to be home.

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If you can find a way to make it fun you won’t have to search for the rewards.

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