Binge Worthy Web Series ‘#Adulting’ – New Episodes Are Here!

I think binge watching has become my preferred mode of viewing so I'm always looking for something fresh, new, and relatable to digest in as few as possible sittings.  A pleasant little nugget landed on my Facebook feed today that offered me such a series to watch, and it is called #Adulting.  Since I'm 42 and never tried #Adulting (double meaning there), I thought I would give it a try.

What do you / I / we need to know before getting into #Adulting?

The synopsis says the show, ‘follows two best friends Max and Faye as they navigate life and love, all while staring down the barrel of ‘30’. Cheating boyfriends, rapidly slowing metabolisms and empty bank accounts are only the beginning.’ However, while the title suggests this is about people being adults, the first episode shows these two aren’t completely grown up, especially after they start talking about what would happen if Max was straight.

Baur comments, “We came up with the idea for #Adulting because we wanted to tell stories that were tragically relatable to this really odd time in life, when you’re supposed to be a grown-­up  and you’re just… not.” –


So yes, they're younger than me, but like I said, I can relate!  Leave me alone!

The series even had their own Kickstarter campaign launched around episode 2's release.  The campaign has now ended and it was a success.  It was so much of a success, we have been blessed with episodes 3, 4, 5, and 6 dropped just yesterday.

Head over to the  # Adulting YouTube channel here to digest episodes 1 through 6 as well as some clips.  To wet your whistle, here's the Season 1 preview. 




There looks like a lot to see in this mini web series.

Will you watch?

Are you worried about when you finally have to start #Adulting?





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