British Man Faces Jail in Dubai for Brushing Against Man in Bar

Net time you try and slide through a crowded room, make sure that action isn't illegal in the country you're partying in at the time. One poor Scottish man is realizing that you can't maneuver through a pub in the Middle East like you can in the rest of the world.

A Scottish man is reportedly facing three years behind bars in Dubai for accidentally touching a man’s hip in a bar.  Through a representative for the defendant, 27-year old electrician Jamie Harron described the scene.  He’d been trying not to “bump and spill drinks” as he walked through the bar when he touched another patron. Dubai authorities arrested Harron for public indecency and drinking alcohol.

Harron's case is not a new one since he has reportedly been in Dubai for the past three months trying to fight the charges, during which he has lost his job and spent tens of thousands on legal fees. He was initially locked up in Al Barsha prison for five days. He has reportedly been forced to spend more than £30,000 in expenses and legal fees.  After the arrest, he was released on bail, but his passport was confiscated. Just this week, he was sentenced to 30 more days in jail, apparently because he missed a court hearing he and his lawyer knew nothing about.

Do we cross off Dubai for possible places to travel to?  Or do we just need to watch our hands when we glide through a pub?

It is illegal in Dubai to have alcohol in your system. Tourists who consume alcohol at licensed venues can still be arrested for having alcohol in their system. Most tourists are not aware of this fact.

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  1. If it’s illegal in Dubai to

    If it's illegal in Dubai to have alcohol in your system, why are there licensed venues to sell the stuff?  This makes no sense whatsoever.

  2. Most of the men in the Muslim

    Most of the men in the Muslim world are boffing each other, animals or young boys.  When we trained in the Army to go to Afghanistan, we received briefings on what was translated into "Jangle Boys."  Women have been so totally marginalized in the society that when men get together, a male teen often dresses in women's garb and and dances for the rest of the group.  Sometimes, men fight over who gets to have the "Jangle Boy" for the evening and the fights include severe wounds or worse from knives.  I'd been inclined to doubt such dubious claims but read about it many years ago in a James Michener book titled "Caravans: A Novel of Afghanistan."   I dated a doe-eyed and sensitive man while stationed in Germany who would awaken in the middle of the night from a nightmare, profusely sweating, saying he was dreaming we were in his native Turkey and were about to be hanged for the "crimes we were committing."  I can't imagine what it's like to be gay in a backward place like Dubai judging from the experience of this poor Scotchman.  

  3. From what I have been told by

    From what I have been told by a friend, men who do business and live in the Muslim, Arab world go to Dubai to meet with male sexual partners as long as they are the aggressor or top. They do things with men that are forbidden to do with women. So they go to places like Dubai and Thailand to do the so called dirty deed. The poor guy in the pub should have known not to touch anyone. The men there seem liberal but do not want to appear as submissive.

  4. The lake is stupidity Islam

    The lake is stupidity Islam has made Middle Eastern people sink in is ridiculous.

    The kingdom in the closet. If a Middle Eastern man had accidentally rubbed his stuff on this man then there would be no problem because he was being the active.


  5. People need to understand the

    People need to understand the culture of these places and how deeply entrenched in old Muslim traditions they are.  Religion has just poisoned humanity.

  6. Don’t know why Dubai is

    Don't know why Dubai is popular. Was there once and have no desire to go back.  Better beaches elsewhere in the world. The view from top,of the Burj was boring… nothing but flat sandy desert around if u can see through the haze. So they have a big mall…. big deal. Nothing different with shopping u can't find at any other big cities. U can ski inside the mall but so what… that's just a novelty. Better real skiing elsewhere. Gold souk was boring…u can find better gold in India and Thailand. Some good restaurants but again, nothing that u can't find in major metropolitan cities.  Stopped in Dubai on a layover. Spent a couple of days there just to see what's the big deal and wasn't impressed with the place. I'm very well traveled and I wouldn't put Dubai in my top 50 countries to visit (I've been to 70.) I'd recommend Dubai only if u r on a layover and curious about it but don't make it an actual travel destination. To me, Dubai is a city that tries to be relevant but seems to try to hard to be something it's not. 

  7. If Dubai was on someones

    If Dubai was on someones 'list' especially someone in the LGBT community they are idiots. I'm perfectly content viewing pictures of all the beautiful architecture online from the safety of my queer little home thank ya very much. 


  8. Why support any place that is

    Why support any place that is so backwards. The fact that you can be jailed for an action that most of the world loves is terrible.

  9. Before you vaccation find out

    Before you vaccation find out the laws..don't give buisness to places that are backwards and ignorant.

  10. I will never travel to middle

    I will never travel to middle eastern countries again, for nothing against Arabs and Muslims but their Goverment are just fucked up.

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