Bryan Hawn Takes on Victoria Falls in a Series of New Videos

Recording artist and all around friendly (and sexy) guy Bryan Hawn has taken us on another adventure in his popular series of videos on YouTube, and this time around he's traveled to Victoria Falls in Africa for some exciting and death-defying stunts.

The first video shows him taking a plunge and bungee jumping into the Zambezi River under Victoria Falls Bridge.  This happens to be one of the most dangerous spots in the world for people as their enormous hippo populations kills 300 humans every day.  Good news, Bryan made it out ok!

In the second video, Bryan is on the "edge of glory" as he hangs towards the edge of Devils Pool.  This is a small pool of water that sits right on the edge of Victoria Falls that happens to be the largest waterfall in the world, thundering 12 million pounds of water per second.  Impressive!

Finally, Bryan gives us his rendition of "The Circle of Life" from the 1994 film The Lion King (soon to be remade in 2019), which features some of the most beautiful wildlife throughout.  

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  1. How are all these animals so

    How are all these animals so chill. Male African Elephants are no joke and 2 lions? He's like the gay tarzan lol

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