Caron Kressley Under Fire For Holocaust Comments!

Caron Kressley Under Fire For Holocaust Comments!

Are We Being Too Overly Sensitive?

#SIGH! A lot happened in television yesterday. We had a laughable finale of American Idol, Adam Rippon won a special season of Dancing with the Stars, and once again we got to see a plethora of women trot around vying to win the Miss USA pageant. Funny enough, throughout all of the controversy and LGBTQ positivity with series wins and Ada Vox, one of our own has landed himself in the hot seat.

According to TMZ, Carson Kressley, who is a veteran of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and a frequent Host on RuPaul’s Drag Race, was serving as a “competition insider” for the pageant – arguably his last time after a dumb comment. Speaking with fellow “insider”, Model Lu Sierra, he shrieked about trying to choose his favorite contestant:

"It's like 'Sophie's Choice!' They're all so good!"

#FACEPALM. If you aren’t familiar, Meryl Streep starred in the film, Sophie’s Choice, where her character had to make a choice of which of her children would die at the hand of Nazis. Kressley, Girl – you can’t say these things in public.

Alright, I get it – the gay community, or the stereotype Kressley represents in particular, is known for having harsh criticisms and being over dramatic in language. Do I think Kressley meant any harm in making what he thought would be a cheeky joke referencing pop culture? No, not at all. I’m certain the last thing ever on his mind is truly to offend anyone; he appears harmless. However, this isn’t a Drag Queen competition where you are allowed to throw shade and…be yourself. This is the Miss USA Pageant where the title is to be the utmost lady like someone can possibly me. The audience is not here for the dramatics and were clearly not picking up what Kressley was throwing down. As well they shouldn’t have. Kressley, as a matured gentleman, should’ve known to be extremely diplomatic in his setting. Know your audience, girl. But, you’ll definitely overcome this.

Kressley is currently shying away from all social media, but did take the time to congratulate the winner of the competition: Sarah Rose Summers, Miss Nebraska.

Are you offended by Kressley’s “d’oh” comment?

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  1. Are you kidding me?  We have

    Are you kidding me?  We have bigger ass problems to solve than comment made by Mr Kressley.  Move on people we have president who is total freaking brain dead asshole!

  2. America is offended by a

    America is offended by a comment taken from a beauty pageant that nobody bothered to watch?! Bitches please…

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