Do You Sleep With Your Friends?

Do You Sleep With Your Friends?

Can You Maintain A Circle Of Friends Within A Circle Jerk?

#InstinctAfterDark. Admit it, you’ve probably slept with a friend at some point in your LGBTQ life. As I grow older, I continue to meet a variety of personalities who have completely different lifestyles than myself. One trait I’m finding common within a lot of friend circles I’ve lately encountered is that people apparently sleep with their best friends…like, what?

Now, I’m not talking about an ex who happens to still run in your friend group. But, there are many group of friends who are sleeping with one another off and on. Is this some sort of initiation? Is this normal? I get goosebumps thinking about having sex with any of my actual friends. Some have been in my life for a decade, so to even think of them outside of a family member is ridiculous. I’ve found it quite uncomfortable to be in a group setting with a plethora of friends: All of whom have slept with one another – and are vocal about their “Eskimo” brotherhood, to the point where it’s a joke.

While I support anyone sleeping with whomever they choose, I cannot help but give such a side eye to these alleged friendships that involve a bunch of people sleeping together – then getting brunch the next weekend. What happens when you want to introduce a potential new boyfriend to your group of friends: Would you want to be surrounded by someone who has seen you orgasm?

Do you believe it’s normal to have regular sex with your group of friends?

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  1. You know it’s not for

    You know it's not for everyone granted, but then again what is for everyone when it comes to sexuality. I think you can be just fine having sexual relationships with friends as long as all parties are on the same page. I did plenty in my party days, i wasn't looking for a relationship but was always horny, why not with a friend who you know and is in the same situation. 

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