Harry Styles Loves the Gays! That’s What Makes Him Beautiful!

Yes, we already know that Harry Styles is an LGBTQ+ ally and we love him for it! We might even wish that Harry no longer goes in ONE DIRECTIONif you know what I mean.

But as he tours throughout the U.S. during Pride month, Harry is still proving to be the cutest supporter of Love is Love by dedicating songs to male fans and singing wrapped up in the rainbow flag.

Take this video from one of his recent concert where he was rocked out on stage with rainbow flag and draped it over his mic stand:

Or this video of the cutie giving a little side booty tooch to fans wearing an AIDS awareness pin:

But quite possibly the cutest thing we’ve seen from Harry to date is when Harry pointed out a male fan and asked him what he was drinking.

When the fan said, “Vodka”

Harry responded, “Straight?”

And the fan said, “No, I’m gay!”

Harry then laughed and said, “No, I meant straight vodka, not ‘Are you straight?’”

You can’t help but fall in love with him!

That’s what makes you beautiful, Harry!

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