Kathy Griffin Bares All In Shocking New Photos!

Kathy Griffin Bares All!

Is it time to give Kathy Griffin some good press? I think so!

Everyone has seen the photograph of Griffin which caused a wave of controversy. Said photograph led her to being investigated by the secret service.

In a post made on a friend’s Twitter account; Griffin displays her bald head to unite with her sister who is undergoing chemotherapy treatment for Cancer. Griffin’s mother, Maggie, serves us a cute, shocked expression at her daughter’s new look.  

As any follower of Griffin knows, she loves the spotlight. It was only a matter of time before she would try to get back into good grace with the public. Although Griffin isn’t glamorizing her bald head or sister’s sickness; it certainly is a step in the right direction for the public to get back onto her side!

I love, love, love Kathy Griffin! But, come on Kath! I know those ginger extensions will be back on her beautiful, little head sooner than later! How much was her real hair anyway? Sometimes I assumed she was bald to begin with.

Regardless, many thoughts to Griffin and her kin. May her sister kick Cancer's butt!

Have you forgiven Griffin for her controversy? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin Bares All In Shocking New Photos!”

  1. I loved her even more after

    I loved her even more after her "controversy," and she has always been someone who actually walks the walk when it comes to helping others. Like, actually performing for soldiers in war zones rather than armchair commentating fake outrage. So, good on her for continuing to not suck and I look forward to the next controversy. The righteous indignation of people who cannot grasp the difference between comedy and politics, nationalism and patriotism, is utterly fucking scrumptious and I'm sure I'll be dining upon it again before you know it. Cheers! 

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