Maryland Governor Candidate Rich Madaleno Teases Trump With Gay Kiss Political Ad

A Gay politician is trying to mock Trump and his supporters in the best of ways.

Rich Madaleno is running for Governor of Maryland and he has bone to pick with Trump and his supporters. To express that, Madaleno bought an ad slot to air during Fox News program Fox & Friends this past Monday (June 7).

In the ad, Madeleno says:

“I’m running for governor to deliver progressive results and to stand up to Donald Trump,” he began before saying, “Here are a few of the things that I’ve done that already infuriate him.”

From there, Madeleno listed off some of his political positions on things like Planned Parenthood and gun law. But while the ad starts with political conversation, it ends on a celebratory and loving kiss between Madeleno and his husband.

After the post aired on tv, it was then posted on social media and Madaleno asked supporters to spread it around with the hashtag #TakeThatTrump.

So far, Trump hasn’t responded or reacted. That said, many online have. As you can expect, this ad incited a mixed reaction.

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