Moe “The Monster” Johnson Sues Adult Film Director Who Tricked Him Into Being In A Racist Video

A porn star is suing after a director tried to get his consent to use the N-word on set.

Maurice McKnight, who’s known as Moe the Monster in the porn industry, recently filed a lawsuit against director James Joseph Camp for his actions during a shoot in Tarzana, California back in July of 2017.

McKnight is suing for fraud, negligence, and failure to prevent racial harassment. He hopes to be compensated for lost wages, emotional distress, and embarrassment.

The lawsuit claims that “Camp and DF Productions defrauded McKnight for the purpose of creating and selling racist content to its racist customers,” but what specifically happened?

McKnight says that when he arrived on set, Camp informed him that the other lead, Deborah Hinkle, had previously agreed to use the N-word on camera. Camp then asked for McKnight’s permission to go forward.

McKnight, being a vocal advocate on race issues, said no, or as the 9-page complaint filed to the Los Angeles Couty Superior Court states, he “made it very clear that he would not allow this racial slur to be used.”

Camp then later came back to McKnight to ask again if they could use the N-word in the video.

"For a second time, McKnight informed Camp that he did not consent to the use of the racial slur," the lawsuit states according to the Daily News.


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Unfortunately, McKnight’s refusal was ignored as Hinkle later used the racist slur twice during the scene's “money shot.”

McKnight later spoke to the Daily News to express his disgust during that moment.

"'I just felt violated and betrayed,' the 36-year-old Bronx resident said Wednesday night.

'I've shot over 50 scenes for this company. For a long time, I was one of their top guys. And I'm always publicly talking about racism. For them to even ask me was an insult, then to do it against my will, it hurts. It feels like it was a set-up,' he said."

But that’s not the end of the story. McKnight also says that Camp and the production company’s owner, Cable Christopher Rosenberg, initially agreed to edit out the racial slurs but never did. Then, the film was published this past December.

McKnight says he was then allegedly sent texts by Camp with abusive lines like, “You're a disgrace. To your people. To your family. To yourself.”

"The use of the N-word in the workplace is extraordinarily harmful to African American workers. It's a violent, abusive word that embodies the pure evil of racism. It has no place in our society," McKnight's lawyer Dan Gilleon told The News. "Moe is going high by filing a lawsuit instead of acting in kind to this egregious act of racism."

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