Piers Morgan Says British Athlete In Bar Fight Scandal Was Defending Victims of Gay Bashing

Image via Devin Randall

The latest gossip and buzz of the moment in Britian is centering around cricket player Ben Stokes.

Stokes has been caught on camera having a fight between him and several other men.

The incident apparently happened outside of a pub in Bristol around 2.30am on Sunday morning.

After the incident, Stokes was arrested and also received a broken finger from allegedly punching one of the men 15 times within a minute.

The Sun broke the story and included a video of the incident that has now gone viral.

Several people are either disappointed or outright mad at Stokes for his involvement in the situation. In addition, Stokes is now being sidelined from his spot with The Ashes during their tour across Australia. Plus, the England and Wales Cricket Board is waiting for the results of the investigation into the incident before possibly kicking him out of the sport entirely.

That said, with all of this negative news and updates coming at Ben Stokes, its oddly Piers Morgan who’s trying to come to his rescue.

Morgan tweeted out earlier today that not only should Stokes not be criticized for his part in the fight but praised. Piers Morgan says that Stokes was actually trying to defend two gay men.

While you should take this story with a grain of salt until any real evidence on its truth can be found or if the two gay men involved come out of the woodwork, the defense for why Stokes got into the fight does bring up new questions.

That said, what is known and factual is that Stokes is in some serious trouble for engaging in the situation and may even lose his spot in the cricket board.

Stokes's coach Trevor Bayliss called the incident "very unprofessional" and the board is deliberating on what to do.

Though Stokes has been known for badmouthing opponents, the board seem very surprised by the sudden news as they noted having not seen the video until the Sun released it.

In addition, Micheal Vaughan, the former captain for the British cricket team, noted the Ashes team will be greatly affected by the lack of Stokes during their Australia games. And it seems he may just be on Stoke's side in this situation.

“There is an ongoing Police investigation, which will look at all available evidence, and we do have to respect that process.” Vaughan defended Stokes in two now-deleted tweets.

“Seen the video of (Stokes). It’s not good. But I would like to know why the kid swings a bottle at the start!?” Vaughan said.

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