Pro-Trump Group to Run ‘Thank You for Letting Us Say Merry Christmas Again” Ads

On Christmas morning you may find that while opening those gifts under the tree you may be interrupted by special Christmas day ads that celebrate the current president's successes over the last year. America First Policies, a pro-Trump group, has announced that they will run the ads in gratitude for Donald Trump who has made Christmas Great Again!

The videos show Trump supporters thanking him for various actions he's taken over the last year–none related to LGBTQ people, for obvious reasons.

The happy participants smile and thank Trump with the tune of We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and at the end a little girl appears on screen thanking him for "letting us say Merry Christmas again". Okay.

Donald Trump has insisted on multiple occasions that the phrase Merry Christmas has been removed from American vernacular because we are all too PC to say something that may offend others. He has also gone on record (via Twitter) that previous president Barack Obama was responsible for removing the 'Christmas' from our lives.

Depending on your opinion about Trump, you may just want to keep Yule Log on this year.

Check out the ad:

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