The Internet’s New Video For “Come Over” Spotlights Love And Found Families

The music video for The Internet’s “Come Over” just dropped and we love it.

The video sees singer Syd, who also directed the video, sending a text to her neighbor and romantic interest.

While the beginning of the video sees Syd flirting with her neighbor, and a cameo from comedian and Buzzfeed producer Quinta Brunson, the later half focuses on the entire band. The video gives us a glimpse into the color-coded rooms of each band member as they hang out with thier respective partners.

If you want to check out the music video for “Come Over” yourselves, you can watch the video down below.

“Come Over” is the latest single form the Neo-Soul band. The band has been working together since their formation in 2011 and have earned two Grammy nominations for their work.

That said, each member has taken time off from the group at some point to produce their own solo projects. Syd’s Fin, Steve Lacy’s Demo, Matt Martians’ The Drum Chord Theory, and Christopher Smith’s Loud, for instance.

But, the members continue to be committed to the band, and are preparing for the release of a new album. Their fifth album, titled Hive Mind, is scheduled to drop on July 20.

Plus, the group are going on tour to perform in cities like Manchester, Dublin, Brooklyn, Toronto, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and more.

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