The World’s Oldest Tortoise Might Be Gay

The oldest tortoise alive today might be gay.

Johnathon is an 186-year-old tortoise living on the island of St Helena.

Not only is Johnathon believed to be the oldest creature on the Earth today, but locals of the island are now realizing Johnathon just might be gay too.

Back in the 1991, the tortoise became restless and aggressive. To fix that, locals got him together with fellow tortoise Frederica whom they assumed was a her.

For the more than two decades that followed, locals have been confused why the two never produced any offspring.

Then recently, Frederica had a lesion on her shell. When an island vet treated the tortoise, he found that Frederica may not be a female after all.

It’s harder to tell a tortoise’s sex. That said, there are clues such as stomach and nostril shape.

Experts are currently undergoing investigation to confirm Frederica’s sex, but in the meantime the entire island, which even uses an image of Johnathon on their five pence coin, is patiently waiting (along with the world).

h/t: Evening Standard

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