Virginia School Board Candidate Singles Out Local High School Student

John Kinchen is facing backlash after posting a video to his Facebook that singles out a local high school student.

Kinchen is running for the Campbell County School Board, and wanted to address the Transgender issue facing the school.

In the video he calls out Brookville High School for it's year book that has multiple colors on the front, that the yearbook says "it takes all kinds," and profiling a student who is gender fluid. Kinchen however says the student is Transgender and attacks the student and school for pushing their supposed liberal agenda of acceptance.

Kinchen is an Associate Dean in the School of Music at Liberty University. He has not been shy about his religious views on the subject. He is also working to get the board to adopt a formal policy that will not make any bathroom accommodation for Transgender students. 

Since the video has gone out, the student has come forward and identified himself as Mikel Jenkins. Jenkins identifies as gay but likes to wear make up.

Speaking on being singled out, he said, I'm glad it was me, because I'm accepting of myself and I'm strong."

Kinchen's opponent, Barbara Rypkema, has called the video an attack on Jenkins. Saying, "We don't have to agree with the decisions that they've made, but in that same process, we are here to support all of those children."

The school has rallied and stood behind Jenkins during this. The editor-in-chief of "The Buzzer," Brookville High School's yearbook, said "Our yearbook is allowed freedom of speech and I will allow no one to take that away. Along with that, I will not tolerate anyone putting down a person that they do not know, simply for their beliefs."

It is sad to see those who would be elected target and single out students, especially when they know nothing about them. We stand with Jenkins and hope that Kinchen is not elected. 



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