Watch: Trailer and Clip From Newly Released “Baby Steps”

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A couple days ago we talked about and showed you a clip for the Outfest judges winner The Wounded.

Today, we’re going to talk about Baby Steps. Baby Steps was a joint project between Taiwan and the U.S., but is only now being released digitally in America.

The story follows a gay Taiwanese-American man named Danny who, with his partner Tate, struggles to get a surrogate to give him the baby he so desperately wants. This is also complicated by Danny's mother who means well, but is also very controlling and thwarts the two during every step of the process.

The film has had limited releases such as at the Tribecca Film Institute, and has gotten some bad reviews based on the fact that it centers on a gay and interracial romance. But now that the film is releasing in Western internet waves, perhaps there will be a bigger audience appreciating the message behind the story.

If you want to see more of the film before potentionally buying it on Amazon, Google Play, or Itunes, you can check out trailers (the original trailer and one made for the Western release) and the clip down below.




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