Why Don’t Americans Use Bidets?

A clean bum is important, do I derriere say more so in the gay community than others?  We've seen the commercials for exceptional toilet paper brands and adult bathroom wipes.  I do purchase the good stuff when it comes to the tp, but have not switched over to using the wet wipes as of yet.  My last place I lived suffered from a fatberg so I've stayed away from the moist towelette usage.  What's a fatberg?  You'll find out soon enough.

Are those the only two options to get clean back there?  If you are in America, the answer is most likely yes.  "Why Don't Americans Use Bidets?"  is the title of a new video from the YouTube channel Today I Found Out.  In the clip, we are told the history of the bidet and the guesses as to why the bidet never made it over the pond to the USA.


The American obsession with cleanliness is well documented, from anti-bacterial everything to our insistence of using sewer-clogging adult wipes, so what’s our issue with the bidet?

Simon Whistler of Today I Found Out looks at the history of the bidet and why a wet bum never caught on in the States. – holykaw.alltop.com




A mini-shower for your nether region, bidets are a popular way worldwide to keep said regions tidy, and there are plenty of extremely inexpensive options for easily outfitting any standard toilet with one. So why has this popular bathroom fixture not caught on in the United States? Old prejudices, (surprisingly new) habit, and comfort-level. (Note: Toilet paper wasn’t commonly used in the United States until the 20th century) – youtube.com


So those fatbergs.  Do you have the box of wet wipes on the back of the toilet?  Be careful.  The night before I was to move out of my apartment and down to Florida, the sewer backed up in the building's basement and flooded the entire thing.  After living there for 13 years, this is the first and only time anything bad happened in the building.  All the storage units had about a foot of liquidy ungoodness due to someone in the building using the wet wipes, flushing them down the toilet, creating a fatberg.  I was a little more than upset.  So if you are using wet wipes, check with your building, land lord, city, or plumber to make sure they can be used.

I have a "not born and raised in America" friend of a friend living here in the states that after every bowel movement he needs to take a shower.  Is this because of the lack of a bidet or is it a heavy dose of germaphobia or O.C.D?  I haven't asked him.

I've actually always wanted to try a bidet, but have never had the opportunity.  Maybe some day.  And I have thought about those bidet attachments, but yet have not purchased one.  Straight Ally Vlogger Tries Bidet For The First Time was a posting one of the other Instinct bloggers did a little while ago, but it was just all video.  Maybe the viral video sparked the Today I Found Out folks to elaborate as to why a bidet was new to the vlogger.


Americans, have you used a bidet? Thoughts?

Others, when you come to America, do you miss your bidet?

When you moved to America, did you install a bidet?

Is TP better?




h/t: holykaw.alltop.com, Today I Found Out

picture of bidet in video is from bidet.org

3 thoughts on “Why Don’t Americans Use Bidets?”

  1. There is a serious question

    There is a serious question pending on world health institutes: ARE URINARY TRACT-NOSOCOMIAL INFECTIONS RELATED TO THE USE OF TOILET PAPER? I think it is quite simple and not difficult to answer

  2. Americans wll start using

    Americans wll start using bidets, only if you inform you properly.There are many bidet types with advantages and disadvantages. You first have to describe as clearly as possibly and i feel you all  up to now had clearly failed.

                                          Comparing the four main bidet types. 


    1.You need at the end to clean with your own hands the basin with scattered fielth.2.     You  may need to use hands to clean yourself. 3.     You take awkward sit position. 4.     You of course need space and spent more time in toilet. 5.     Spent a lot of water and need t. paper, or a towel. 6.     It is non sanitary, specially if it is going to be used by other persons also. 


    1. 1.You have to be versatile and healthy. 2.     You could suddenly get a back dislocation, while trying for your best position. 3. You, if a man, could hurt your testicles. 4.   You, if a woman, may get filthy water to your genitalia. 5.     You may have your clothes wet, or the area around splashed with water. 6.      Your hand often is contaminated by watered shit. 8.   Not other family member could use it, as it touches user’s body. 


        The water jet is very oblique, so, cleaning is ineffective, particularly if there are hemorrhoids or the anus region is hairy. 2.     Filthy water could be pushed to women genitalia. 3.     Cloth wetting or water splashing around could happen. 4.Your or others pee in large amounts is directed toward it. 5. It can be spoiled by feces. 6.     No cleaning of toilet under it is possible. 7.  In a family, men, women, children, elderly, can use the same apparatus, as  disinfection by each one is easy and simple.

                                                 WHEN USING THE NEWER ADD-ON BIDETS. 

      They are expensive. 2. The water jet remains oblique, though not as much as before, so cleaning again is not so effective, particularly in hemorrhoids, or many hairs and filthy water could be pushed toward women genitalia. 3. If they are battery fed, you have to take care about it. If connected to electric mains, you would have to be careful in cleaning the toilet with water. 4. They offer, music, air dryer and warm water, but that could harbor dangerous microbes. 5. They can’t be used in toilet risers, or wheelchairs with pot.  6. In a family, men, women, children, elderly, can use the same apparatus, as  disinfection by each one is easy and simple. 


    1. 3 the use steps. 2.  The sterilization procedure is done in 1'' 3.     Thanks to theirs absolutely VERTICAL, compact, thin jet the are 100%  effective, even in hemorrhoids or hair existence. 4.     Jet water targeting is stable at the same always region where cleaning should be done. 5. Water is not spread and is of least amount needed.  As a result, coldness feeling is negligible. For the same reason drying by paper or towel could be avoided. That last reason could lead to total avoidance of paper. That last one could be very useful for PUBLIC TOILETS, WHERE T. PAPER IS CAUSING, AS WE KNOW, BIG PROBLEMS. 5.     In a family, men, women, children, elderly, can use the same apparatus, as  disinfection by each one is easy and simple. For the same reason this apparatus is ideal for public toilets, hotels, hospitals etc. 6.      the only one that could be combined with toilet risers or wheelchairs with a pot.



  3. Most Americans do not want to

    Most Americans do not want to hose down their butts like they do their dirty cars. Wet wipes are bad for plumbing and the environment. There is another option you have not mentioned, an effective Toilet Paper Moistener. Check out Etiquette's organic-based TP moistener. Better hygiene along with better for skin care down there than pipe-clogging nasty wet wet wipes.

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