Pride Toronto Will Not Meet Demands From Black Lives Matter.


The more coverage I see about what the Black Lives Matter did during the Pride Toronto celebration, the more I start to really not care for their cause.  I get mad even reading our previous coverage in "Black Lives Matter Claims Victory A Toronto Pride Parade." It brings back memories of the poor judgment they showed by protesting at Bernie Sanders' Seattle rally.  From our friends at in Toronto, hereis a summative video of what the BLM did this weekend at Pride Toronto.



Pride Toronto gave into these activists?  Will they make the changes?

Pride Toronto is backing away from the promises made to Black Lives Matter Toronto during a protest that temporarily shut down the Pride Parade.

“My priority yesterday was to make the parade move,” Mathieu Chantelois, the executive director of Pride Toronto, told CP24 the following day on July 4, 2016. “Frankly, Black Lives Matter is not going to tell us that there are no more floats anymore in the parade.”

Instead, Chantelois said it is up to the community and the membership of Pride Toronto to determine whether or not the police should march in Pride.

Chantelois said that he was on board with all of the demands except for excluding police floats from Pride.

“Most of these things I can do because they’re simple and they’re operational,” he said. “But for something big like this, if the community doesn’t agree with the decision that we are making as an executive, we need to all sit down together and we need to make the right decision.”

Chantelois and Pride Toronto co-chair Alica Hall both signed off on the nine demands that BLMTO made after the group staged a sit-in at the intersection of Yonge and College streets.

The other demands included more autonomy, funding and support for Blockorama, Black Queer Youth and other community organizations, the return of a South Asian stage, more ASL interpreters for black deaf people and more diverse hiring practices.

Chantelois said that he was personally comfortable with an organized police presence, but understands why some community members wouldn’t be.

“So I think as a community, we have to come together and make some important decisions together,” he said.

Pride Toronto refused requests for an interview with Daily Xtra, but issued a written statement: –

Mathieu Chantelois, you are a much better man than I.  Pride Toronto, you are sticking to your slogan "You Can Sit With Us" and are willing to keep BLM in the loop.  But we do thank you for not giving any group a carte blanche when it comes to regulating a celebration that is supposed to be inclusive for all. 




I think backlash from the Black Lives Matter action was expected. To this they say, 'This type of push back, this type of backlash, it means that we've struck a nerve."

Here is an excerpt from a story by cbcnews.toronto.

An activist group that stalled Canada's largest Pride parade to demand more rights for racialized communities says it's being flooded with hate mail, some of it sent by members of the LGBT community.

Black Lives Matter Toronto says the vitriol demonstrates the racism it is trying to combat with its actions.

Ever since the sit-in, however, Black Lives Matter Toronto has been the target of vicious, racist emails, some from members of the larger LGBT community, said Janaya Khan, a co-founder of the group.

"Particularly our queer and trans members, myself included, we have received dozens and dozens and dozens since the action," said Khan. "I think that is testament to why we had to create an intervention into Pride in the first place."

The hate mail, which is "100 per cent" made up of anti-black racism, denounces members of Black Lives Toronto who have identified as queer and trans, said Khan.

"It's, 'You could never be a part of our community, you savage monkey,' that kind of thing," she said. "The reality is that gender and sexual diversity doesn't negate the reality of racism and white privilege.… In their minds, my blackness made it so that I couldn't possibly be a part of their community."  – cbcnews.toronto


For more on this go over to the cbcnews.toronto web page and read the whole story.


25 thoughts on “Pride Toronto Will Not Meet Demands From Black Lives Matter.”

  1. As someone who actually

    As someone who actually witnessed this HIJACKING, I can say this much…

    These PARASITES threatened to ruin the day for over a MILLION people who came to support this event. Families who came from other cities to enjoy a day of happiness and to make good memories. As a Committee member  in years past, I can tell you that the Toronto Metropolitan Police Services have ALWAYS been nothing but professional and accommodating to the specific needs of this event.

    The police have absolutely NO INTENTION of adhering to the terms of that RIDICULOUS document that they held over their's AND the committees heads. BLM are nothing less than a TERRORIST GROUP. The proof is in every appearance they make in the United States. It kills me that this band of STUPIDITY is funded by a WHITE MALE. George Soros (another parasite and ENEMY of humanity), is the driving force behind every rally. Of course these barely educated CRIMINALS have no idea about anything beyond the voice behind the megaphone, stirring them into a frenzy under the guise of 'black rights now'. It's laughable if not pathetic. Worse than that are the 'white' folk standing there screaming along with them, looking for something, ANYTHING to attach themselves to as a means of having some kind of purpose. The FACT of the matter is, black on black violence is greater than ANY accusations they advance in their self-victimizing, sanctimonious rants.

    A 'black' life is no more important than 'MY' life, or any other 'non' black life. They need to pick up the shit in their own backyards before coming into mine making demands.

    • BLM isn’t saying that only

      BLM isn't saying that only Black Live Matter, they are saying that Black Lives Matter Too. American Culture has celebrated the white people since day one and still does. How are white people perceived in media compared to any persons of color? Who gets less time in prisons or jails for the same crime as someone of color?. Can you do me a favor and google search, "Three Black teenagers" and then search "three white teenager". the difference will completely shock you. 

  2. Jesus. BLM went overboard

    Jesus. BLM went overboard with this, but their general purpose is still a good one, and anyone who says differently is only telling the world how they really think and feel; they are expressing their opinion that being constantly made aware of the injustices made against black people time and time again are an annoyance to them and that black people should go back to being silent about it.

    The BLM movement of today is eerily similar to the gay rights movement of yesteryear. But Jonah's comment pretty much sums up the gay white male's perspective; " It's not being racist. The bla K lives matter movement is racist. We r about uniting and they only care about their own agenda and want to get upset when I show my white pride. That's bullshit. Stay out of a peaceful rally with ur racist bullshit. All lives matter!!"

    Just to point out, All lives matter when black lives matter.

  3. Promoting racism. BLM is

    Promoting racism. BLM is nothing more than a group promoting one race over others. They try to use events from the past to hold on to hate and try to get things without working for it. Do these people not realize they are only producing more racism. Stop making things about the color of people's skin and about events of the past and live for today.


  4. Pride is inclusive of

    Pride is inclusive of everyone!      This says "Acceptance and Love'" to me!

    The BLM speaker made it clear with her opening line, "We are here for us."  

    Considering the BLM was invited as special guests by Pride, I believe the BLM took advantage, insulted and even discriminated against Pride and it's other guests by there actions and demands!  

  5. Wrong – then why did BLM ask

    Wrong – then why did BLM ask for ASL if not accepted in Canada. Why not a local sign language "dialect."   snicker…

  6. More proof of just how

    More proof of just how Homophobic Blacks are.  I wonder what would happen if the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence interrupted a MLK Parade to protest that fact.

  7. I no longer support the BLM

    I no longer support the BLM idiots. Protesting at an event that is in itself & its history a damn protest is utterly ridiculous. At this point these idiots are nothing more than attention whores. They are hurting their cause, not furthering it.  Get a grip.

  8. Glad they are standing their

    Glad they are standing their ground and not being bullied by this ridiculous movement!

    • If you actually understood

      If you actually understood what this movement is for you wouldn't call it "ridiculous". 

      • Ridiculous…. You will get

        Ridiculous…. You will get nothing but more anger from the world this way. If you want to change something organize and vote, just like we did in the Gay Community. 

        • Oh I’m not angry. I plan to

          Oh I'm not angry. I plan to vote against the liberal agenda. BLM is still ridiculous. We don't need a racial organization to cry and whine for attention in today's society. There's a reason the ridicule continues. Maybe they should just keep quiet.

          • I am going to go ahead and

            I am going to go ahead and assume that you are White. Of course you don't need a racial organization when American culture has been celebrating white people since day one. and still does to this day. The ideas you have of the Black Live Matter Movement where given to you and skewed by the media, probably CNN or FOX NEWS for example, which both are owned by white people. Just because you aren't experiencing a problem personally doesn't mean that it isn't happening and the solution isn't to keep quiet, when was the last time you heard of a problem going away just from not doing anything about it. So no you don't understand it and honestly i don't think you ever will.

          • They deserve it. I won’t do

            They deserve it. I won't do anything to make the problem go away because they are the problem.

          • All of the bullshit that

            All of the bullshit that happens to people of color in this country, nobody deserves it, but when one white person seems to get the same treatment, then its wrong.  Why is that? 

  9. Toronto Pride use to be so

    Toronto Pride use to be so much fun!!  What a shame.  The want more ASL interpreters for black deaf people?  Isn't ASL universal to all deaf people or do they do ebonics?

    • The fact that you just asked

      The fact that you just asked if ASL is universal to all shows how ignorant you are. ASL stands for American Sign Language. and there is a form of Sign Language for almost ever language that we can learn. 

      And "ebonics" isn't an actually language, last i checked a majority of black people in the US and Canada speak ENGLISH, so stop being a racist prick and learn a thing or two. 

      • It’s not being racist. The

        It's not being racist. The bla K lives matter movement is racist. We r about uniting and they only care about their own agenda and want to get upset when I show my white pride. That's bullshit. Stay out of a peaceful rally with ur racist bullshit. All lives matter!!

        • so its racist to point out

          so its racist to point out all the injustices that people of color face? Because you're race of people isn't included, its racist? The reason why any people of color get mad when you show your "white pride" is because your race of people has been celebrated since the existance of this country. When was the last time a white man was oppressed? When it comes to representation in media, oppurtunities for education, employment, living, and anything really. I really want to know when, And actually BLM does do alot of for the LGBT community make sure to research that. 

      • Can you say… TRIGGERED? LOL

        Can you say… TRIGGERED? LOL get the fuck up off your soapbox. When BLM first came about I supported them but they've turned into straight up fucking ignorant bullies. 

        • No, Joey is right. Maybe

          No, Joey is right. Maybe someone in BLM overstepped their bounds but there was nothing wrong with that post.

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