Pride Wall Vandalized in Houston

The pride wall, located at Jenni’s Noodle House in Houston, Texas was recently vandalized with hurtful messages, according to The Houston Chronicle.

The vandal or vandals painted in black a large X and the words “stop your gay agenda” 

The wall was created after another pride wall, located at Select Skate Shop was painted over in black with the word “select” in rainbow letters to contrast the black background. Select Skate Shop said that the decision was made because the wall kept being vandalized and it became expensive to repaint it every time.

The owner of Jenni’s Noodle House, which has three locations throughout Houston, Jenni Tran-Weaver “jumped at the chance” to have Houston’s next pride wall on the side of her restaurant. The new wall contains all traditional pride colors along with bright colors meant to represent the entire LGBTQ+ spectrum. The words “Be Visible” as well as a quote from Jim Obergefell, the plaintiff in the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court case can be seen on the wall. It’s a shame that someone would ruin a beautiful wall with an equally beautiful message but I’m not entirely surprised. 

In response to the vandalism, Jenni’s Noodle House asked if anyone knew who was responsible for the graffiti in a Facebook post. They also wrote “Hater gonna hate. Noodle gonna rule.” So at least they’re in good spirits after this vandalism. However, Jenni should be mindful of the fact that the wall may get vandalized again, as it frequently happened when the wall was at Select Skate Shop. It is my hope that they find who vandalized the wall and dish out the appropriate punishment. In this day and age, hating or “disapproving” of LGBTQ+ people is definitely passé and has no purpose; not that it ever did. 

h/t: The Houston Chronicle

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