Pro Wrestler Anthony Bowens Celebrates Positive “He’s Gay” Chant

Anthony Bowens recently received a positive “he’s gay” chant while in the ring for ‘AEW Rampage’ on Friday.

(c) Instagram: @bowens_official

The Acclaimed, which consists of Bowens and Max Caster, alongside Billy Gunn (also known as “Daddy Ass”) were interrupted by wrestler and musician Harley Cameron. She showed off her rapping skills during the segment, and told Bowens:


“It’s pretty clear that you’re into me.”

The 32-year-old professional wrestler laughed, then reminded her that he’s gay, which received a positive “he’s gay” chant from the crowd. Thereafter, Bowens shared his sentiments about it on Twitter, writing:

“If ya told me years ago, I’d have an arena chanting HE’S GAY at me in the most POSITIVE of ways, I’d say you’re crazy.

It’s pretty cool to see how far we’ve come. Still more work to do. Happy Pride #AEWRampage”

(c) Twitter: @Bowens_Official

“This app has been beyond negative and atrocious since the sale, so I’m happy The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass have been able to spread love and positivity on here this weekend,” he further expressed in another tweet.

As of this writing, the video that Bowens posted has gained a whopping 2 million views on Twitter. Moreover, the wrestler initially came out as bisexual in January 2017, but he now identifies as gay after coming out again in 2019.


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  1. If you would have told me years ago that there would be a gay wrestler and that there was a positive chant about being gay at a wrestling match I would have called you insane.


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