Puerto Vallarta Beach Club Pays Penalty For Tourists’ Public “Activity”

I must be the only person I know who has never been to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. That may change as I have tentative plans to head to Puerto Vallarta in January, which I hear is a welcoming gay mecca, where the LGBTQ can frolic freely, bask on the beach and be sexy in the sun.


Unfortunately, Puerto Vallarta made headlines this week with a salacious story about two tourists who got a little carried away in the swimming pool of Mantamar Beach Club, a top gay LGBTQ destination.

Made popular by its elevated pools with see-through glass walls, overlooking the beach, beach club bar, and sushi menu, Mantamar found itself facing a fine of 22,000 pesos ($1000) after beachgoers witnessed two guests participating in some form of sexual activity. 


Puerto Vallarta’s Police and Good Governance Regulations distinctly prohibit sexual activity within the public view, even on private property and personal homes. In many cases, an establishment in violation of this rule can face not only a fine but also possible closure. 

I mean, look, I understand how people can get carried when you’re in a tropical paradise, all liquored-up, in a hotel pool, and here comes a hottie, and probably neither can host, so BAM, they do it right there. And many of ya’ll out there are so slick with handling your business, you can be engaged in full-on activity underwater in a pull without the public even noticing.


Well, in the Mantamar incident, those infamous glass walls gave it away, as onlookers on the beach could see everything and recorded the action on their cellphones. Oh, but the pedestrians didn’t stop there. Some videos got uploaded to Youtube as well.

Colectivo Vallarta, LGBT, issued a statement of disapproval in Spanish on Facebook. The group did not condemn sexuality but rather agree it is to be enjoyed, but not openly on public beaches where there are other tourists and families. 

According to The Mazatlan Post, citizens sent NoticiasPV sent two videos of the sex scenes in the pool, though it has not been determined if the men had just met or were already acquaintances. One video shows men caressing each others’ limbs, no big deal, but apparently, the second video is far more Caliente with an actual sex scene between the men.

Screen Grab From Video obtained -Noticias Puerto Vallarta

This story, for me, is more than just a giggle about gay tourists behaving badly. I want everyone but especially members of the LGBTQ community to realize what is at stake when traveling out of the country as openly gay people. Luckily Mexico, or at least this part of Mexico, is welcoming to gays. But behavior like this in certain countries and even throughout the Caribbean will get you imprisoned. 

So, the next time you’re out of the country on a Gaycation, and that hook up with a hottie starts getting a little too heated in public, honey, cool off a minute, and let your bigger head be the voice of reason.