‘Queen Of The Universe’ Crowns A Season One Winner!

For the inaugural season, Queen of the Universe counted legendary performers like LaVoix and  RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni like JuJubee among the contestants vying to grab the title of Queen of the Universe (along with the $250,000 grand prize) When the finale aired earlier this week, it was (spoiler alert) Brazilian stunner Grag Queen who was crowned, beating out both American Idol alumni Ada Vox & 2018 Miss Gay Black America Aria B Cassadine, for the inaugural title. 


Grag Queen’s victory comes on the heels of several astounding performances throughout the competition. She wowed both the audience and judges with performances of the original song “Damn That Man” (alongside fellow competitor Rani Ko He Nur) as well as a 80’s infused rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. Her victory also saw her belting out a soaring and meaningful rendition of Andra Day’s “Rise Up”. Speaking of meaningful messages, Grag Queen was asked by Variety about the LGBTQ culture in her home country of Brazil, Grag Queen offered a sobering reality, saying “We live in a country that kills LGBTQ people more than any other, and our transgender people’s [life expectancy] is only 35 years old and it’s not fair. We are still trying to find some place of peace. We see all the time on the internet people being dragged and being killed and punched everyday, but we don’t see that on the news on TV. I really want to use this platform to make people know that this situation is crazy and it’s real.”


Speaking to Variety post-win, Grag Queen has big plans following her Queen of the Universe win. She told the publication “I have my album already ready. I really want to release that as soon as I can. I have English, Portuguese and Spanish songs. Maybe I’m going to come in January to L.A. to record some new songs in English and try to do some gigs. Maybe you guys are going to see me around.”


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3 thoughts on “‘Queen Of The Universe’ Crowns A Season One Winner!”

    • I agree Ada was robbed. Here’s the thing for me anytime there is a competition like this with so much On the line you cannot give an audience with the power to pick a winner in all fairness the judges should have picked the winner I guess that’s why I don’t like competition shows like singing they never get it right. However I did like drag queen performances a lot but I think she won mostly on the looks rather than vocal and that’s why the sad part comes in and I am not saying she wasn’t good enough to win just not against Ada.


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