Queer Senior Student Gains Psychometric Abilities in Slasher Film

‘Departing Seniors’ is a slasher film that is centered on a queer high school senior Javier, who is confronted with academic rivalry, bullying and not to mention, a masked killer…

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Ignacio Diaz-Silverio is playing the role of Javier, who is described as an “awkward” Latino high school student. He then finds himself being considered as an academic rival by their class president Ginny, who is portrayed by Maisie Merlock.


Based on the trailer, Ginny seems to be threatened by Javier, pointing out that he’s “such a tool just because he’s this gay Mexican…” The video then shows how Ginny’s jock friends bully and make Javier’s school life miserable, leading to him falling down a flight of stairs.

The story takes a turn after Javier wakes up from the freak accident and eventually discovers that he has gained psychometric abilities. He also soon realizes that he might be the only one who can save the popular kids from the shocking murders committed by a masked killer.

(c) IGN Movie Trailers / Departing Seniors

Aside from Diaz-Silverio and Merlock, the cast of ‘Departing Seniors’ also includes: Ireon Roach as Javier’s best friend Bianca, Yani Gellman as Mr. Arda, Cameron Scott Roberts as Trevor, Ryan Foreman as William, and Sasha Kuznetsov as Brad, among other actors and actresses.


Moreover, ‘Departing Seniors’ is written by Jose Nateras and directed by Clare Cooney. Not to mention, Dark Sky Films is set to distribute the queer slasher film on digital video-on-demand platforms on February 2.

In the meantime, you can watch the thrilling official trailer here:

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  1. Nice to see Instinct covering this little gay slasher flick. I recently saw the trailer, looks pretty good actually. Seems like the gay has to save the day 😉 and save his secret boyfriend (the jock)


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