Quiet Wedding Ceremony Leads To Awful International Incident.


Love is love, unless you are dealing with a nation that has extreme hatred for its LGBT citizens. 

You see, I fell in love with an amazing Nigerian man. I knew it was illegal for him to be gay in his country. I knew it was illegal for his family to know he was gay and not report him. I never thought that my tiny little wedding in Rochester, New York to this man would go any further than between our close friends who were invited and maybe some of their friends.   – huffingtonpost.com

When some people get married, they need to shout it from the roof tops.  Others just want that other special someone there with a witness and an official.  There are many reasons and personal preferences as to what kind of ceremony one has, who is invited, and who really needs to know about the nuptials. 

Eric and David's story was not meant to be shouted from any rooftop and it wasn't meant to be a quick legal ceremony with no one present.  The wedding bliss was meant to be a special ceremony with loved ones present and no fan fare.  That's how it went until the following Monday morning.

Monday morning, I woke up early to return the rental car that we had used for the weekend. When I returned, my husband was pacing and crying, distraught, pointing to his phone. Somehow, someone had either sold or given photos from our wedding and first dance to one of Nigeria’s notorious gossip bloggers, Linda Ikeji who chose to publish them on her blog. Whether to out David and make a mockery or to somehow use it as advocacy, no one knows. What we do know is that she had no permission from either of us to use our photos or story.  – huffingtonpost.com

We often receive wedding announcements here at Instinct Magazine, but do not run them all.  Just like we don't cover every dick pic released, well at least I try not to. But it seems Linda likes to ruin lives with her ability to publish. 

Were Eric and David's lives ruined? 

How did they deal with this international coverage and outing?

How did the release of photographs change the lives of their families as well as their guests?


Head over to huffingtonpost.com for how Eric and David dealt with the fallout of their beautiful day and ceremony.


h/t:  huffingtonpost.com

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