Rainbow Clad Students Defy Government’s Warnings

According to Gay Star News Despite threats from the government, Polish students decided to celebrate Rainbow Friday, a day in which schools and LGBT organizations provide students with information relating to lesbian gay, bisexuals, and transgender people to shed light on the importance of equality.


In a display of (righteous) recalcitrance, Polish students from multiple schools donned their gay apparel by decorating themselves with rainbow garb to celebrate Rainbow Friday, support LGBT rights, and protest the Polish government's regressive stance towards equality. 

Rainbow Friday has been celebrated in Poland for the past three years but it was banned this year due to increasing pressure from the right-wing media, the Minister of National Education, Anna Zalewska, said that any schools caught participating in Rainbow Friday will be breaking Education Laws.

LGBT organizations recognized this policy as a way to silence the voices of LGBT people and called it an "premeditated, ongoing attack." Campaign Against Homophobia, a local LGBT group confirmed that certain schools went through with celebrating Rainbow Friday despite governmental threats. Students posted pictures of themselves in rainbow attire and accessories to Twitter with the hashtag "#TęczowyPiątek," which, in Polish, means "Rainbow Friday." The Polish government will continue to dole out punishments to any schools that participate in Rainbow Friday.

It's nice to see youth fighting back against harmful policies and governmental pressure as it shows promise in regard to attitudes towards equal rights. Since Rainbow Friday has been celebrated in the past, there is a possibility that the decision to ban it may be reversed.

h/t: Gay Star News

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