Ray’s ‘Cookie Monster’ Definitely Has Zed’s ‘Snack’ In Mind

Ray and Zed as ‘Cookie Monster’ and ‘Cookie’ (screen capture)

Grindr asked real-life YouTube couple Zed and Ray to share some early Halloween fun by trying on some pretty sexy costumes in advance of the October 31 holiday.

First up, the men serve up some Sesame Street realness as Cookie Monster and a Cookie snack. 


Ray is clearly feeling the vibe telling Zed (who looks snack AF), “I’m really ready to eat. Can I bite you?”

(photos courtesy of Grindr)

Next up, the guys are an updated take on Cher and Dionne from the movie Clueless.

Trust and believe, these guys do NOT wear polyester hair. “As if!”


We knew some Disney characters had to be in the mix and sure enough, check out this sassy version of Jasmine and Aladdin. The men laugh as they try out a few lines from the animated film after scoping each other out: “A whole new world!!”


Ray and Zed bring some swagger to Tigger and Pooh as Zed keeps telling Ray, “I really like this one on you.” 

Zed’s Pooh knows some honey when he sees it. The wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things.


A shirtless take on Troll dolls puts the men in a party mood as the guys don huge colorful wigs and face glitter.

“Give me a Troll kiss,” says Zed, and Ray leans in for the smooch.


There’s more in the clip, so hit the play button below. And make sure you hang in until the end to see which costumes the guys vibe with.

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