Red Hot Gingers Get Shirtless for Your Calendar Pleasure

 Photographer Thomas Knights wants you to see redheaded men as alpha males. And does he succeed! He's taking his exhibition series  featuring perfect red-haired male specimens and publishing a new book, Red Hot 100, and a 2015 calendar.

Knights says, “It amazed me how our western culture holds redheaded women to such high regard, almost the ‘ultimate’ female, and redheaded males in such low esteem; emasculated and desexualised in film, TV and literature.”

“I wanted to flip this stereotype on its head and present the redheaded male as the ‘ultimate’ alpha male. Essentially, ginger boys desperately needed a rebrand and I felt like I was in a good position to do it.” (Funny, we were just thinking about good positions, too!)

Among Knight's amazing men is Olympic gold medalist Greg Rutherford. Red Hot is in line with the Anti-Bullying Alliance, which supports its aim to change how gingers are viewed in modern society, particular males.

Scroll down for a super-serving of spicy gingers!



8 thoughts on “Red Hot Gingers Get Shirtless for Your Calendar Pleasure”

  1. What world does this guy live
    What world does this guy live in? Yes, gingers get a few jokes but if he thinks reds do badly in the gay world, he’s sorely mistaken. Maybe women don’t dig them, but I love their skinny c*cks and big round apple bums.


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