Reese Witherspoon & Jennifer Aniston Are Getting Their Own TV Morning Talk Show!


Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon Lead “TV Morning Talk Show” Series

Alright, I’m kind of freaking out about this! According to our friends at The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Aniston, tabloid queen and FRIENDS fame, along with Reese Witherspoon, who is like, so obviously Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, are starring in a new series of “TV Morning Talk Shows” in the vein of Good Morning America!

“In one of the largest TV packages to date, [Jennifer] Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are attached to star in an untitled series exploring morning shows and the larger New York media scene that they inhabit. The package, which has not yet hit the market, is expected to be taken out to premium cable outlets like HBO and streaming services including Netflix. Given the stars attached, it is expected to draw significant interest from multiple bidders.”

Okay, okay, okay! Let me sit down. Someone get my inhaler! Seriously! This is insane!

“The project is based on an original idea and is being spearheaded by former HBO head of drama Michael Ellenberg and his newly launched film and TV production company Media Res. Jay Carson (House of Cards) is attached to pen the script and exec produce. Academy Award nominee Steve Kloves (Wonder Boys, Harry Potter) will executive produce. Witherspoon will also executive produce alongside her Hello Sunshine banner topper, Lauren Levy Neustadter. Aniston also will be credited as an executive producer.”

Can someone please shake Witherspoon’s agent and tell him that he is a genius for convincing her to do television shows?! First Pretty Little Lies, now this?! And! And!!!! I can barely type. Aniston is returning to television. This is insane.

I’ll be anticipating the bidding war between HBO and Netflix. This series is going to rake in big viewers, which leads to big money. Oh, my god, the budget is going to be out of this world.

Can we start speculating the script already!? There’s got to be a few mischievous interns, someone has to have a drinking problem, maybe a bitchy, flamboyant blogger rival (I'm available!), oh my- you know there’s going to be catfights. I cannot see them recreating Daytime Divas, which heavily parodies The View. If this is going to HBO or Netflix, expect gritty, off the wall humor and a divine storyline filled with emotion. Can we ship Christopher Meloni aka Elliot Stabler, as a power-hungry Executive…with a gigantic butt? Please?!

How excited are you to see this series come to fruition?! How do you think they’re going to twist it?!

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  1. I like Jennifer but i can’t

    I like Jennifer but i can't Reese and i thought Jennifer didn't like her i think Jennifer took to long to get back on TV the only reason Jennifer wants to do TV is because her movie career sucks now all her movies all you did was see Rachel. Jennifer has to buy her way into movies and shows now so does Reese i think its because of there age Jen wasn't a very good movie actress anyhow i think she will do better on TV but i don't think these to wil get along very well and i hope they don't make it like a friends reunion i wish Jen the Best but it will be hard to watch with Reese in it.


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