Renowned Gay Icon Cher Shares Her Fears After Chaz Came Out as Trans

Do you believe in life after… coming out? Gay icon and Goddess of Pop Cher, an ardent supporter of gay rights, interviewed Pride Source about being a gay icon and her relationship with her son, Chaz Bono, Wonderwall reports.

Cher is a well-known figure in the gay community for her social activism regarding HIV/AIDS prevention and LGBT rights. As most know, Cher has transgender son, Chaz Bono whom she loves and supports. However, according to the Pride Source interview, Cher did not always have an easy time with Chaz's coming out and transition.

Chaz officially came out as a lesbian in April of 1995 after being outed by tabloids five years prior. Chaz then came out as a transgender man to his parents. Cher had a difficult time accepting Chaz as transgender, as she was afraid that she was going to be losing a child.

This is what I think, and this is what I would hope: I would hope that, look, I didn't go through it that easily. Both times," she said. "When I found out Chaz was gay, I didn't go through it that easily; when I found out Chaz was [transitioning] … except we talked about it a lot, actually. But then Chaz didn't mention it anymore, so I kind of forgot. And what I think is, there's such a fear of losing the child you love, and what will replace that child

I'm not a parent and won't be for a long time but I can imagine that taking in such information would be jarring for some.

Chaz underwent female-to-male transition in 2008-2010, and afterwarde changed his name and gender. This is rather significant and Cher was afraid that her child would be a different person after the transition but realized that Chaz must have been in a great deal of emotional pain living as a woman, and figured that since Chaz is happy living the life that he was destined to live, then she is happy too.

Cher accepting her transgender son is heartwarming as well as a teaching opportunity for many people. She was very afraid that her son would be a different person entirely after his transition but instead he remained Cher's child. This just shows that when people come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, ace, etc., it does not change who they are as a person.

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