Rentboy CEO Jeffrey Hurant Begins His Prison Sentence

According to Str8UpGayPorn, CEO of Rentboy Jeffrey Hurant started his six month prison sentence this past Monday.  He is slated to be released around April 16th, 2018.

He will be on supervised release for one year, per the court order.  That is slated to start immediately after his release.

Zach over at Str8UpGayPorn brings up a good point in all this:  It’s worth noting that multiple male (and female) escort companies are still fully functional, with ads and services being sold across the entire internet every day—making the U.S. government’s actions against Rentboy and Hurant all the more idiotic, ineffective, and pointless.

Jeffrey, 51, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Brooklyn on a charge of promoting prostitution, and two money laundering charges back in January of 2016.  He was sentenced to prison on August 2nd of this year, where prosecutors wanted him to spend 15-21 months but District Judge Margo K. Brodie chose only six months

The sentencing included a $7,500 fine.  Judge Brodie announced that Rentboy was “the very thing that is illegal,” but then she acknowledged, “there is no question it did a lot of good.” She then added, “What I have before me is two decades of committing a crime, and of Mr. Hurant knowing he’s committing a crime. That can’t go unpunished.”

Hurant had this to say to his supporters after he was sentenced:  "I believe that consensual sex work between adults should be decriminalized and destigmatized. But that hasn’t happened yet. My business was ultimately illegal, but it shouldn’t have been. We must fearlessly fight for the rights to allow consensual adults to choose what they do with their bodies."

Do you think Jeffrey should even spend one second behind bars?

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  1. The only objection I have

    The only objection I have towards sex workers is they don't pay taxes on the cash money they receive.  I think if it could be regulated and made legal would save alot of efforts to arrest them.


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