Rep-Elected Santos, Lying About Pulse, Holocaust, Education, Marriage?

George Santos (right), the first out gay Republican elected to the U.S. Congress, poses with his then fiancé at Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve. (Instagram Santos4_congress

The first gay vs gay election for federal office ended with a Log Cabin victory sending a gay Republican to Congress. By eight (8) percentage points Santos beat Democrat Robert Zimmerman to represent the Queens/Long Island district.

Oh George Santos, the more we did, the more people are saying you, your political and personal history are all #fakenews.  Not a descendant from a Holocaust survivor? Is there an ex wife? I mean, really, but tagging your personal strife onto the nation’s, the world’s worst LGBTQ tragedy and it may not be true?


So what ISN’T true –

False Education & Employment – 

The New York Times reports that they have not found records of Congressman-Elect Santos stated higher education. Did he attended New York University, did he graduate from Baruch College.  And then there is his employment at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, no records of that yet either.

What should we believe about his history? And if this is all false, what should we do with him? If he was your future employee, wouldn’t you dump his lying asinine self?

False Marriage History –

And then there is his marriage or marriages or lack there of or… ugh. Politics be confusing!


During the 2022 election cycle, Republican George Santos of New York described himself as being gay and married to his pharmacist husband. Now, a bombshell report from the Daily Beast alleges that there is no record of that marriage.

There is, however, a record showing that Santos was married to a woman named Uadla Vieira, a native of Brazil, until 2019. The couple was married in 2012.  – DailyMail

Wasn’t he out and proud for over a decade?  Eh, maybe we misunderstood him when he mentioned that before, allegedly, possibly, maybe. With all of these lies, we’d hate to see what he said about himself in his dating profile. 

False Holocaust Family Connection – 

And what about Santos hitching his personal strife onto horrible historical accounts. First was the idea that he is a descendant of a Holocaust Survivor:

Congressman-elect George Santos’ emotional narrative of having Jewish grandparents who fled Europe during World War II appears to be untrue, like much of the rest of his campaign biography, according to genealogy websites reviewed by the Forward.

Santos, a Long Island Republican, has said that his father was Catholic and his mother was Jewish, and that both faiths “are mine.” The very first line of the “About George” page on his campaign website states: “George’s grandparents fled Jewish persecution in Ukraine, settled in Belgium, and again fled persecution during WWII.”

But the website lists Santos’ maternal grandparents as having both been born in Brazil before the Nazis rose to power — his grandfather, Paulo Horta Devolder, in 1918, and his grandmother, Rosalina Caruso Horta Devolder, in Rio, in 1927. An online obituary for Santos’ mother, Fatima Aziza Caruso Horta Devolder, who died in 2016, says she was born in Niterói, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, on Dec. 22, 1962, to Paul and Rosalina Devolder. –


So that was a no go. He does not have a family connection to the Holocaust as he had said. How else can you get voters’ sympathy? Let’s try another tragedy to tag yourself to personally.

False Pulse Connection – 

Santos chose the Pulse Nightclub Massacre. It’s gay, it’s tragic, there may be sympathy from voters over it. Santos told New York Public Radio that four of the patrons that died at the Pulse Nightclub Massacre were from his company. No proof of this can be found yet, allegedly, possibly, maybe. 

“We always knew he was running a scam against the voters and we raised many of these issues but we were drowned out in the governor’s race where crime was the focus and the media had other priorities.” – Zimmerman

What should we do with Santos?  Is there anything that can be done to someone who lies in politics? And he’s not even in office yet and look at what he piling up as falsehoods, #fakenews, allegedly. 


There are actually other alleged lies from the Santos camp, his involvement in Jan 6, his presence at Jan 6, his arrest record in Brazil and evictions in New York… It just doesn’t surprise all of these allegations of his lies, the lack of proof of just about everything on his resumé. 

But what are we to expect.  He’s a Log Cabin Republican. Fake gays are everywhere. 

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2 thoughts on “Rep-Elected Santos, Lying About Pulse, Holocaust, Education, Marriage?”

  1. He shouldn’t be elected. He literally lied and lied about his lies and then lied more about his lies. Republican or Democrat how can anyone trust or believe him. One day he’ll say he’ll vote for this then the next hour he says otherwise. Also how did he got so far in the elections without being caught and challenged? These are very serious statements he’s making about his education and life. None are true and he only said those things to get votes. What I loathe about LGBTQ republicans is that they get a thrill of being the contradiction; of being the exception. Even if it means throwing LGBTQ rights in the garbage to be on the good graces of the strait laced Republican Party. Santos is a fake. He only said those things to be a contradiction to the Left and it worked. He should be barred.

  2. His fiancé is sexy, just sayin. Not all gay people think the same and that’s actually fine with me. Unfortunately if someone is a politician ( regardless of being democrat or republican ) the majority of things they say are lies to stay in power.


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