Ronan Farrow Just Started Following One Of Porn’s Hottest Daddies

Sometimes it’s naughty voyeuristic fun to sneak a peek at who today’s top movers and shakers follow on their social media accounts. It can give you a pretty revealing looking into their interests as most celebrities only follow a curated fraction of social media users compared to the hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people following them.


For example, America’s wonder boy, Ronan Farrow, has over a million followers on Twitter, but only follows 4557 people – mostly journalists, media and political figures such as Senator Lindsay Graham, White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows, and former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

However, one of my snoopier sources took a closer look at Farrow’s Instagram and posed the question, does the award-winning journalist’s follow-list expose a more provocative, kinky side? The son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen (or is it Frank Sinatra?) is following a couple of male porn stars on his public Twitter feed, including one who described himself as “RedHanky” — a red-headed muscular bear from Chicago who charges $7.99 on the subscription site JustForFans.

“RedHanky” is one of two naughty adult entertainment boys now being followed by ol’ sexy blue eyes, who made a BIG name for himself by bringing down Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein.


As of last week, Farrow was also following “pig stud” Julian Torres (NSFW), who by his own admission is into “(ALL) kinds of kinds.” The “pig stud” is, after all, in his own words, “the definition of a power versatile.” Mr. Torres, who is based in D.C., has very popular OnlyFans and Justforfans accounts for his triple XXX content and is available for hire on the escort website Rent Men. On OnlyFans, Torres describes himself as a “Horny Versatile Greek/Spaniard Pig” who loves “public f**king, water sports, FF, glory holes, anonymous cum dumps, and more.” That definitely clarifies “(ALL) kinds of kinds.”

I can’t say I blame Farrow for following the incredibly sexy Torres whose partner is the equally hot Greek porn God, Alex Tikas. One thing is for certain, Ronan seems to have an online type! (Just don’t tell his fiancé, Jon Lovett, the former Obama speechwriter.) Then again, it’s a very liberal world we live in these days, so maybe Lovett’s totally good with it.

Ronan is known as a brilliant writer and quiet, intellectual type. But he’s only human, and sometimes honey, the pen just ain’t more powerful than the pinga!