RuPaul Has Officially Crossed Over To Politics!

RuPaul Has Officially Crossed Over To Politics!

From Her Lips To Your Parliament!

RuPaul Charles, whether you like it or not, has slowly grown to becoming one of the most recognized faces of the LGBTQ community. Damn it, she’s deserved every moment of it. Grr – He – I’ve got to get my pronouns correct with him!  Anyway, RuPaul is a marketing genius. I mean, he did create a television show that launched the careers of many, many other drag queens and have put some of them in mainstream media. Not only did he introduce us to some colorful characters, he ensured – for LYFE – that his name will be in front of theirs. Literally, no one knows any of those queens as their own name. They will forever be RuPaul’s girl, __________ or __________ from RuPaul’s Drag Race. RuPaul is brilliant and the only reason we can be mad at her is because we didn’t think of it first.

I recall a few years ago that RuPaul ran around town with a megaphone claiming that he isn’t running for congress. In many ways, I believe we’d all support him in the event he does. And hell, with Donald Trump in The White House and politics being a chaotic, possibly Ru could give us some sanity. Regardless, Ru has left his handprint in the LGBTQ community, reality television, our hearts, music and now politics. Yes, no lie.

According to Pink News UK, RuPaul was quoted in a speech made by lawmaker Michelle Rempel in the Canadian Parliament for Calgary Nose Hill. While discussing LGBTQ rights, Rempel refers back to RuPaul’s now iconic catchphrase. Rempbel states:

“To you, Mr. Speaker, and for all of my colleagues in this House, it is fantastic and pretty cool that we are debating something of such importance as we rise for Christmas break. Every once in a while, we do something here that resembles work. Because I am not sure anyone has ever done this in the House before, I am going to quote RuPaul: ‘If you can’t love yourself how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?’. Merry Christmas.”

Apparently, the Parliament had been debating legislation to expunge records of people with historical gay sex offences. Like, people who have been jailed for simply having consensual, gay sex. This stems from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s tearful speech he gave to the Canadian LGBTQ citizens.

Canada, you go Girl.

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