San Diego Padres Host First Pride Event of the MLB Season!

Even though the weather outside is still giving us major winter vibes, facts are that spring is here and with that so is the start of another baseball season.  

Something that has become bigger and bigger each and every year are the amount of teams within Major League Baseball who are hosting a pride night event during one of their many games.  It’s something that the Milwaukee Brewers have joined in on, as they will be hosting their first pride event later on this year. 

The San Diego Padres, however, are lucky enough to be the first team to host a pride night for the 2018 MLB season, which will occur on April 27th.  According to OutSports, the game will be against the New York Mets with festivities starting around 4:30 PM local time. 

The National Anthem that evening will be a joint venture of sorts, as the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus, San Diego Women’s Chorus and San Diego Pride and Padres staff will all take the field in unison.  The team has also made it possible for members of 14 San Diego LGBT sports leagues to buy ticket guaranteeing them seating with their group.  Pretty awesome.

You can buy your tickets to the event here if you happen to be local to San Diego on the night of April 27th.  

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