San Francisco’s Leather Community Just Got Recognized As An Official Cultural District

San Francisco now has an official leather district.

The area in and around San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood is known for its gay bars and kink clubs. On top of that, the location has an annual Folsom Street Fair (which we have written about before) where many people from across the world visit to celebrate leather and kink culture.

Now, it seems that the city of San Francisco has decided to officially recognize the location for its cultural significance.

On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution to recognize the South of Market neighborhood as the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District.

In doing so, the city insures that the location stays a refuge for LGBTQ citizens/establishments and will maintain a stable housing environment. In addition, the district will now get negotiating rights for future development and access to public money.

As AP reports, Supervisor Jane Kim celebrated the idea by saying the designation of the land as a cultural district is more than a decade in the making.

While the conservative minded may cry out against the district, the area is historically embedding with community service and outreach.

For instance, the Folsom Street Fair, and several clubs in the area, donate a portion of their proceeds to public health, arts, and human services organizations.

Plus, no one can doubt or question the historical and cultural significance the area has had for the city of San Francisco.

The Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District will now join the ranks of four other cultural districts, including the Latinx focused “Calle 24.” All of these districts are being officially recognized in an effort to celebrate the history and culture of the Californian city.

"We're in this period of immense transition and transformation in San Francisco, and many communities in San Francisco are recognizing their unique cultural histories are being lost so we're working to preserve it while we can," said Supervisor Jeff Sheehy who, along with Supervisor Jane Kim, championed the resolution.

We’re glad to see the new district rising to its rightful place.

h/t: The Associated Press, The Sacramento Bee

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