Scott Evans Opens Up About Being “Outed” by Brother Chris Evans

Scott Evans recently did an interview with drag queen Jujubee for Attitude, where he talked about his close bond with brother Chris Evans, as well as that time when he was “outed” by his big bro.

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Scott revealed that his coming out story was fortunately without any drama, and it went quite well than he anticipated it to be.


“I wasn’t out to any of my family or anything. I came out to my older sister first. And then my mother, and then my little sister, and then my brother. It was over the course of a year. I was very fortunate that I didn’t have any kind of drama or shock. It was sort of like, “Why did you wait so long?” It sounds a lot harder than it actually ended up being, for which I feel very lucky,” the 39-year-old ‘Barbie’ actor recalled.

On the topic of coming out Jujubee asked about that time when Chris “outed” Scott, which he didn’t at all, as his young bro was already “very out”. Scott shared,

“People see that and are like, “Oh, that’s so awful.” I remember reading that article, it was 2009 or something, and I was, like, 26 years old and I’d been out for a while. My brother called me when he saw the headline and he was just like, “Hey, I’m so sorry. Like, this is what — was I not supposed to?””

“I had been on a soap opera at that point, and I was a very out person. I made that decision. Everyone always asked: “When did you decide you wanted to be an out actor?” And I’m like: “That never even crossed my mind,”” he added.

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The actor also talked about the impact of being openly gay in his career, stating:

“I’ve always been out, so I don’t think I will ever really know. They’re finally letting gay people play the gay roles, but now it’s like that’s all we’re playing. It’s called acting for a reason.”

“And then all the gay roles that are winning Oscars go to straight men anyway. I think the industry itself has a long way to go. They think what we’re fighting for is that we should play our roles, and it’s not that, it’s that we should be able to tell our stories,” he continued.


Moreover, Scott also shared his close bond with brother Chris, and how the two of them rely on each other through the good and difficult times. 

“It’s crazy. It’s such a unique relationship. We were each other’s first friends when we were kids. Up until we were older, too. There was never a time where it didn’t feel like he wasn’t my best friend. And he still is. And we have a really, really, incredibly unique bond that I love. I think the relationship between brothers can be very unique,” he expressed.

(c) Instagram: @attitudemag / @scottevansgram

The actor further shared,

“It feels like a best friend as opposed to feeling that you have to love someone because they’re family. I used to go to him with all my problems. And I get calls now from him with his problems. And I love it. I’m like, “I’ll give you advice? You’re Captain America!””


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  1. I actually had no idea he was outed by his brother. I’m glad we have some gay representation through him though.


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