Sean Cody’s Randy Dies At 33

Images via Instagram @randysc22 and Sean Cody

Randy, one of Sean Cody’s most prolific adult film stars, has died at the age of 33. While the official reason for his death has yet to be released, initial reports say his death was related to kidney problems and a drug addiction.

Str8UpGayPorn (caution: site NSFW) was the first to report the performer’s passing. Randy, real name Jason Pacheco, died on July 9th while in a Massachusetts hospital. While this death was sudden for most, Randy did tell his fans that he had been hospitalized last week. Pacheco posted to his Instagram account on July 5th a photo of himself in a hospital bed.


To caption the post, Pacheco wrote:

“I hate to ask for any help but I am going through some medical issues, my kidneys were failing amongst a couple other issues but I am doing better. I have been in the hospital for 5 days now. To all my fans I will start posting much more after I recover from this. Anything helps. GoFundMe takes a fee so if you’d rather donate to my PayPal it’s in my profile. Thank you to anyone who is still a fan, I love you all and I am extremely grateful to have you guy’s support. I will keep y’all updated! Thank you!”

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On the GoFundMe page, which had a goal of $3,500 but unfortunately only received $45 worth of donations, Jason Pacheco shared more information about his situation.

“Hello, I am in need of help for when I recover from my injury. I woke up deathly ill and finally went to the hospital and my kidney function was at 21% amongst a couple other issues but the kidneys being the most serious. I am feeling better. I have been in the hospital for 5 days now and as most of you know I am in recovery and I was living in a halfway house. Because I have been gone for so long I was discharged. Now when I leave I dont know what I am going to do or where I am going to go. I have been in recovery since November 9, 2021. Life has gotten much better and I am so happy to have made it this far. Unfortunately, I have this setback with my health. Any donations will go towards finding a place to live and help me get back on my feet. Anything helps. To all my fans who still support me and follow me, I love you all !”

Then on July 10th, a friend of Jason Pacheco commented on the above Instagram post to share news of the performer’s passing.

“Anyone who reads this comment I am a great friend of Jason Pacheco (Randy) for over 25 years,” the friend wrote. “Last night, Jason lost his battle with drug addiction and passed away at the age of 33. If anyone would like to contribute laying Jason to rest, please message me and I can get you in touch with his mother who will be making arrangements to bury another one of her sons. Thank you.”


Jason Pacheco started his adult film career by responding to a 2013 Craigslist ad from porn studio Sean Cody. Under the name Randy, Pacheco became the most prolific performer within the studio. Randy appeared in 53 sex scenes with the studio.

Jason Pacheco is survived by several family members and friends. He will be missed.

Source: Str8UpGayPorn

4 thoughts on “Sean Cody’s Randy Dies At 33”

  1. I feel he was one of the last real hotties at Sean Cody since Stu. The studio lost me as a customer when they started playing with their wining formula: hot, straight looking cornfed boys from the Midwest. Once they switched up the body types and added diversity I was gone. Being Latino and somewhat effeminate I enjoyed this site; sorry not sorry (opposites attract). And he (Randy) was a champ earning those checks: cum swallowing, bottoming huge cocks, and if he didn’t enjoy it you’d never know. One of my faves to watch. RIP Jason; you seemed sweet, sensitive, and a grounded human in real life. It’s a shame addiction took you away from this world.

  2. This is quite sad that such a young man has died. I had no idea that he was gay-for-pay. Is performances were so convincing. Sorry to see you leave us so soon.

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  4. It’s always sad when someone dies. I liked this particular model and thought his scenes were good – he’s a perfect example of a Gay4Pay model who earned his money, as someone commentators pointed out at that other site, doing things like swallowing cum (which admittedly plenty of other likely straight guys did at SC and Corbin Fisher), but also taking big dicks, giving head to big dicks and at least giving the impression he was enjoying himself (which is why I was sad that he decided to chime in a gay porn site that he didn’t enjoy it at all).

    But you could tell with his last few two or so scenes circa 2018/2019 that something was wrong. For being the richest, most industrialized country, we really fail out youth with mental health and medical care.


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