Seth Dunlap Told Those Who Doubt Him “Shame On You”

Seth Dunlap (image via Facebook)

Former WWL New Orleans radio host Seth Dunlap reappeared on Twitter for the first time in months breaking his self-imposed exile from public statements.

In a series of seven tweets, Dunlap told his followers that while he “remained quiet for years for fear of retribution,” that retribution had arrived in his opinion. 

“No longer am I afraid,” added Dunlap.

Citing the “billions of assets” and “direct connections to local law enforcement” of his former employer WWL Radio, he chided those who believed the accusations leveled at him which led to his firing: “Shame on you.”

On September 5, Dunlap penned an open letter on his Facebook page to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees regarding the athlete’s participation in a video made by anti-LGBTQ group Focus on the Family that encouraged kids to take their Bibles to school.

In the essay, Dunlap wrote, “I am a gay man who has worked nearly two decades in the sports media industry. My personal experience, not headlines or Twitter innuendo, caused me to recoil at your initial video.”

Soon after tweeting, “Which of these 5 “overreactions” isn’t actually an overreaction? You tell me…” the radio station’s account appeared to troll Dunlap with the message, “That you’re a fag.”

Eventually, the station denied anyone with access to their Twitter account sending the homophobic message.

During the ensuing debacle, Dunlap’s lawyer announced he had passed a voluntary polygraph test that “concluded Seth was truthful” in his accusations.

But the station alleged that forensic expert John Conroy discovered the tweet was sent from an Internet protocol address associated with Dunlap’s cell.

Dunlap eventually filed a $1.85 million settlement against his workplace and also alleged an “anti-LGBT culture” at the company. 

After a month and a half of legal battles, Dunlap was fired in early November, according to his lawyer Megan Kiefer.

Prior to today’s Twitter posts, Dunlap has been relatively silent on social media. His last tweet was on September 12.

In the series of tweets, he shared that he feels “complicit” for the “nearly unchecked homophobia, racism and misogyny” that happens in the workplace because he “didn’t speak up sooner.”

Dunlap promised to share more of his own story over the next weeks and months but adds that he wants to see the stories of others made public as well.

“Silence doesn’t equal apathy,” he wrote. “But silence also doesn’t equal advocacy.”

He also name-checked GLAAD, The Trevor Project and the Human Rights Campaign as organizations LGBTQ people can turn too for support.

There was some support for Dunlap among the comments, but most fell along the lines of comparing him to former Empire actor Jussie Smollett, calling him “guilty as hell,” a “liar,” and a “criminal.”

Just a sample:




What do you think, readers? Is Seth Dunlap the victim of a homophobic smear campaign? Or could this be another ‘Jussie Smollett’ situation?

Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Homophobia runs rampant through anything sports related. Men are so frightened by their homoerotic thoughts and feelings that they become loudly and constantly anti-gay for fear of being found out. Day after day, month after month, year after year, the worlds biggest homophobes are getting caught with a cock down their throat or up their ass or both. This is most apparent and frequent in Religious, Political and Sports environments. I have zero doubt that Seth Dunlap was been the victim of homophobia and prejudice at work. Seth, wherever you land for work, you will be happier and healthier. Good luck, beautiful!


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