Sex Club Charges Extra For Bottoms!

Sex Club Charges Extra For Bottoms!

Is This Fair To Our Bottom Brothers?

#LORD! If you’re at all familiar with the sexual term anonymous you know the sex is consensual and with one person seemingly never seeing what the other looks like. In most anonymous videos and stories from friends, it’s clear the bottom is typically blindfolded in this situation and allows a top to come in and get it to him. In theory, it’s pretty hot: But even consensual, sex anonymous sex with a stranger could be potentially dangerous. If you choose to participate in anonymous sex, there’s a private club in New York which may be right up your alley.

Anonymous is a private, unprotected, gay-sex party held in Brooklyn. The first event last month was so successful the organizers have decided to have another go at it this upcoming weekend. According to their advertisement, you can experience blindfolded bottoms – in place – all night. Check out the flier below:

It’s easy to miss, but let’s take another look at the flier. Yes! The private party is charging more of an entry fee for bottoms! Outrageous! Should we be upset at the privilege the tops are receiving?

According to Gay Star News, the club promoter doesn’t want people thinking he’s shaming bottoms: He wants to give them the full experience. He tells:

“The way the party works is that bottoms volunteer as a cumdump. They are placed into position for the entirety of the party and stay there as long as they want. I’m a big old bottom, and this has always been a fantasy of mine, but for it to work – and for the experience to be achieved for the cumdump bottoms – we need a huge ratio of tops to bottoms, which means discounting admission for anyone who wants to top. That’s also part of what the bottoms are paying more for – guaranteed high numbers of tops. We are not proctoring anybody’s sexual identity, we’re just asking which role you’ll prefer to play in this particular fantasy experience. We don’t mention vers on the flyer or voyeurs, but certainly both are welcome to come. I wish I had a shocking or controversial reason for charging bottoms more, but no, I just wanted to center a party around bottoms who have a gang-bang fantasy, and that means making it easier to attend if you‘re eager to play the complementary role in this scene.”

So, in the end, the bottoms are actually getting what they want: Which is to be stuffed! I’m all for charging the tops less if it’s going to swing in favor for the bottoms.

I’m curious if any of you are heading to the event? I’m just oozing to hear someone’s experience.

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  1. I consider myself versatile,

    I consider myself versatile, but for only $65 to be surrounded by tops and pounded till my ass' content is a great deal. If I lived in NYC I'd love to be a part of that experience.

  2. I will call the Brooklyn

    I will call the Brooklyn police and have this sleazy club raided and its participants arrested for possession of drugs and for spreading dangerous diseases and virus. Frankly speaking, I don't care how their customers are charged. I just want the police to shut down the club that hosts these deranged sex maniacs.

    • GTFO of here you prude

      GTFO of here you prude precious boring queen! Let people do what they want. This is the 21st century…! People are FREE nowadays! 

      • That’s the point. I won’t let

        That's the point. I won't let these sickos do what they want to do. This is so shocking and disgusting that it's time to put a stop to the insanity.

        • The hilarious bit is this is

          The hilarious bit is this is what religious nuts say about homosexuality. They arent harming you or affecting your life in any way. These are all consenting adults paying for a service like any other person and they know the risks and what not for attending a party like this. So let the boys play and stop kink shaming people when it does not affect you.

    • I’ve grown tired of seeing

      I’ve grown tired of seeing your ignorant posts on two separate sites. Let me correct you on a few (actually a lot of) things. First, there is no “Brooklyn police” it’s the NYPD. Second, you may call for “possession of drugs” but you can’t really witness/suspect someone is under the influence or in possession of said substance sitting from behind your computer. This is one of the first questions you’ll be asked and because you’re sitting behind your computer your complaint will get the lowest of low priorities. Fact. Third, the spreading of diseases and viruses among consenting adults is actually legal last time I checked. But I’d also add, again, you can’t really tell if diseases or viruses are being spread from behind a computer. This event has absolutely zero impact on your life. I know you’re trying to add some excitement and give yourself purpose but the fact is unless this event becomes disorderly nothing will come of your concerns. This event and the countless others (there are straight ones too, mind-boggling right!?) are very much alive and well in all NYC communities and have been for a long time. They are not hidden. They will not come remotely close to going away unless the historical downward trend in HIV transmission rates reverse course. Take a minute and educate yourself because it’s laughable. 

      • Your posts just demonstrate

        Your posts just demonstrate that drug addiction may be recovered but stupidity and wrongheadedness are incurable. If NYPD refuses to do anything about this sleazy underground sex party, maybe it should be left to the "informants" to do the job because it  would be quite easy to find a lot of drugs at that party. If you can't even face the fact that meth and other drugs are destroying gay men and turning them into sex crazed zombies, you are in serious denial. Worse comes to worse, if nothing is done to stop these foul parties, at least it would be a comforting thought to know that the patrons will all go home infected with Hep C, syphilis, and drug resistant gonorrhea, if not HIV+ virus, a natural consequence for their vile behaviors.

    • I’d also like to add one more

      I’d also like to add one more point… you probably don’t even live in NYC. If my assumption is accurate, you truly need some better hobbies. cheeky


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