Shaun Ross And His Member Will Leave You Speechless.

I don't always post the eye candy blogs, but this new music video needed to be shared for, well, um, it left me speechless. 

We've noticed Shaun Ross before for his unique look and his success in the modeling industry, but us thirsty men always notice when someone flashes more skin, especially when it's from down under.

Shaun Ross is known for his strikingly interesting appearance on popular fashion runways, but on Monday the albino model came to be known for something a bit different — his massive penis.

Ross premiered his larger than life ding-dong in a new music video for a song called “Dust” by Los Angeles based band, BRÅVES. –

Do I need to say this video is not safe for work (NSFW)? I'm not sure I can show the video on here.  If it was just the crack of the bum, sure, but when it comes to Shaun flaunting his johnson … for the streaming "oh my goodness," head on over to or the YouTube link here.

Here are some pics from the video.  It's all Shaun and waves and more Shaun.   Enjoy.  

But we do ask, is it real? Or is he pulling a Mark Wahlberg / Dirk Diggler on us?  I did reach out to Shaun on Facebook, but there hasn't been a reply yet. 

And listen to the song, too.  The band BRAVES contacted Instinct and asked us if we could share the Hype Machine link and have our readers "heart" the song.  I just did.  Tell us what you think of the music behind the video.

If you want to see and learn more about Shaun, here's his video from The What's Underneath Project.



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