Shaving Your Butt. Looks Like Everyone Is Going There.

Do you shave your bum? Trim the trough? I think the last time I buzzed back there was in my early twenties when I was the unfortunate receiver of guests someone had left behind.  I'm not "crab"bing about the experience, but as a hairy man, it was a project to for me to be as hair free as possible in order to get rid of my unwanted residents. 

You must agree, my trimming was a necessity, but why do others decided to rid their backsides of hair?  Is it a fear of dingleberries? Does hair keep odor?  Is it since one manscapes everything else, why not the other side?  Is hair crack whack? tackled the topic of bum hair maintenance in an article entitled, "A comprehensive guide to taking care of your finest asset."  See what you think.

When it comes to below-the-belt grooming, your junk generally gets all the attention. From shaving your balls to managing shaft hair, plus everything in between, the boys do their best to steal the spotlight whenever they can. Now, we certainly can’t blame you for paying your package heed—it is the main attraction, after all—but there is another underpants asset that deserves its moment in the sun. And that, friend, is your ass.

While it might not be the first thing you worry about, believe us when we say that you can't keep an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude about grooming your hind quarters. On the contrary, in this year of Allison Williams' HBO ass…uh, munching, you should be doing everything you can to get your derriere into tip-top shape. To help with this, we’ve compiled all the necessary information we’ve got about your behind here, answering any questions you might along the way.

What Should I Do About My Ass Hair?

Get rid of it. Or at least, get it under control. But doing so safely can mean a few different things.


  • Trim It Down. If you’re looking keep the weeds at bay, but not ready to just go ahead and shave the damn thing bare, you’re going to want to get a body-specific clipper like the Philips Norelco Bodygroom. Designed with a rounded head to navigate the body’s contours, like those in your asscrack, it’ll help get things tidy right quick.


  • Shave It Away. First things first: you’ll need a cartridge razor, as opposed to its single-blade safety counterpart. While the latter may provide a closer shave on your face, the former will be about a million times easier to navigate the narrow valley of your ass. As for technique, you should have a handheld mirror on hand to help you get a visual on more hard-to-picture places, lather up with a moisturizing shave cream, and use light, quick strokes to gently rid the area of hair.


  • Wax It Off. The trouble with both of the above options, though, is stubble. Having a five o’clock shadow somewhere with as much friction as your asscrack will prove a truly uncomfortable situation in no time flat, and both shaving and trimming the area are apt to cause spikey re-growth in a week or two. Which is why many men opt for waxing their backsides. Quick and effective, a quick trip to a specialist will leave a crack hair-free for weeks to come. A tip here, though: trim the hair back to about ¼ inch ahead of time, so that it’s easier for the waxer, and wear loose underwear afterwards, to minimize potential for irritation and ingrown hairs on your newly smooth rear end.


  • Other Options. Alternatively, you can use an epilator to get rid of the hair on your own. Made with 72 rotating tweezer-like heads, it plucks the hairs away, leaving your bum baby-soft without the risk of inter-cheek chafing.

Did that help with your plans to be "smooth as a …" well, you know. It seemed not doing anything about butt hair was not an option.  According to them, you had to manage it or get rid of it.  GQ wasn't done there.  I think someone was on a derriere health kick that day and they also discussed;

How Can I Get My Ass to Stop Itching?

What Should I Do About Swamp Ass?

What’s the Deal with Bidets?


What the Fuck Is Anal Bleaching?

Trust us, you don’t even want to know. –

Well we already know what anal bleaching is. Come on GQ, if you're ballsy enough to talk about trimming the crack, why not speak about bleaching?  But maybe that's for another story.  To see how they addressed the itchy and swampy and bidets (oh my!), head on over to Praetorius's full article on here. has recently stated that it is a New Year's trend, men shaving their bottoms. 

It's finally 2016 and everyone's wondering what's in store in the world of beauty. But it's not just for women – it's a man's world too.  And this year is starting off on a bum note, with bottom waxes and shaving the next 'in' thing.  A whole new pressure is being put upon men of the world to have a perfectly smooth derriere – as if they didn't have enough to worry about. 

While women are queuing up for hot waxes, eyebrow threading and even eyelash extensions, will the next big craze be bottom shaving? A spa worker confirmed that requests from men to have their bottoms shaved has become more accepted and popular this year.

Speaking to Mashable, Ben Brown said: "Thanks to Snapchat and sexting, people are more conscious over their appearance, and this includes the butt.  "Not only are men finding that it's more hygienic, but it's also more sightly and attractive."  He added: "Think about it: Clothing is a lot tighter now with men wearing skinnier things, like jeans. That's a lot of friction there. The more hair you have, the more uncomfortable you are."

It comes just weeks after a survey, conducted by Gillette, revealed one in five men like to be bare down below.  Once thought to be just for the metropolitan gent, the removal of male pubic hair is becoming increasingly mainstream – and they believe groin grooming leads to better sex. 

Will you be taking part in the next big pubic hair trend?  Let's all raise a toast to the start of 2016 and its 'less-is-more' attitude to hair on men.  –

My only issue with this is that how can report on a trend happening in the new year on January 1, 2016?  Are they trying to convince men that everyone else is doing it?  Is this a repeat of the man bun of 2015?

So are you in favor of the trimmed buns? Is your preference different for your buns and your man's buns?

Or are you more "rustic" and stay away from trimming there or anywhere being of the mindset that a man should have a hairy bush on both sides?

Or are you a hairy beast that manages the shrubbery, but prefers a smooth guy?

Have you ever shaved your partner's bum before either for maintenance or as foreplay?

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