Sherry Pie Made A Shocking Return To NYC Nightlife

Sherry Pie’s jaw-dropping elimination during RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 (the details of which you can read about here) remains a beyond unfortunate chapter in pop culture history for a multitude of reasons. Her victims have made it very clear that queens perform in queer safe spaces, and for quite some time, we have not seen Pie publicly, save for a somewhat perplexing interview on The Tamron Hall Show, which left many with more questions than answers. While a podcast interview with New York City queen and advocate Logan Hardcore saw Sherry Pie be forced to answer some of the more difficult questions, Pie had not been heard from publicly in quite some time. Last night though, Sherry Pie returned to New York City nightlife; and the response from the public has been swift and predictably, less than positive. 

In full drag last night, Sherry Pie was at Uncle Charlie’s Piano Lounge, advertised on the website as an “Inclusive Piano Bar & Lounge” and “the only full-time gay bar located in Midtown East, New York City”. The pictures on Uncle Charlie’s Instagram page show Sherry on mic, mugging it up for the cameras with patrons, and seemingly performing for the crowd that was at the bar.

I reached out to Uncle Charlie’s late today and spoke with Joseph who identified himself as the manager. He let me know that Sherry was “hired as a singing telegram by a customer” for a “customer’s birthday”. I asked if she was hired by the venue, and he stated that she was not. When I asked how long she stayed at the venue, Joseph indicated “a couple of hours”. At the conclusion of our call, I asked Joseph if he was aware who Sherry Pie was or did he know of any of the charges against her, and he stated that he did not. 

For more info on Uncle Charlie’s, check out their Instagram

8 thoughts on “Sherry Pie Made A Shocking Return To NYC Nightlife”

  1. I think she should be aloud a second chance. The “victim” are stupid to record things like that in the first place without doing proper research. Not
    Excusing pies actions but they are idiots.

  2. People need to get the F over it. If these “victims” were dumb enough to send a strange person explicit videos and pics that’s on them, no crime was committed, next!

  3. You can side and support the victims because in the end they are right and what was done is horrible hut you’ll never know how sherry actually is right now until you actually know her or experience it…to say she shouldnt have a platform for the rest of her life doesnt sit with me right…what she did was horrible but if shes proven to be in a better space then her disgusting self in the past, shouldnt we give her a chance? And that’s not me saying that’s shes in a better space either I’m just saying ‘if she was” which she probably isnt yet but oh well…

    • She can have her “slight chance” at redempmtion after she has truly paid for the crimes she commited. Not with a public apology or losing work. Being blacklisted is a good start but she should do some actual hard time in jail.

    • All she did was find people fame-hungry enough to do what was asked. Nothing was forced. She’s crazy, but so are all artists. Guess what? We’re all monsters. Next patient, please.


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