Shirtless Violinist ‘Goes The Distance’ As Dashing Disney Prince For Halloween

Take a pair of muscular musicians, a couple of revealing gladiator costumes and a classic Disney tune and you have the recipe for a new music video from Matthew Olshefski, the Shirtless Musician.

With Halloween just a few days away,  Olshefski shares that he wanted to dress up as a 90s Disney Prince.

After a survey of his fans,  the decision was made to go with ‘Hercules,’ which also came with the built-in choice of song for a music video, “Go The Distance.”

Now, the Shirtless Violinist can’t be donning a bulky, body-covering toga as the muscle-bound Demi-god, so the search was on for a more ‘shirtless appropriate' costume.

Olshefski found a gladiator costume online that seemed to fit the bill, and they were priced 2-for-1!

Matthew called up handsome pianist Johnny Walsh, who’s collaborated on a past music videos, and the casting was set.

The duo set about to shoot a music video featuring the friendship (or more?) of ‘Big Hercules’ and ‘Little Hercules’ with some male-bonding/mentoring theme going on.

According to Olshefski, the only snag in shooting the video was when it came to teaching ‘Little Hercules’ to skip a rock across water. Apparently, neither Olshefski nor Walsh nor any member of the crew could skip and rock.

The rock skips you see in the video represent some ‘movie magic’ shot weeks later at a lake.

In any case, the result is (in the motto of the Shirtless Violinist) “easy on the eyes and the ears.”

Check out the Shirtless Violinist’s take on the Disney Hercules classic, “Go The Distance,” below.



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