Shirtless Violinist Returns (Like Mary Poppins!) To Make Hump Day Magic

Matthew Olshefski, "The Shirtless Violinist," debuts his latest music video inspired by the recent Disney film, Mary Poppins Returns.

Olshefski shares that in his strict childhood household, the television remained off during the day. No movies, no television whatsoever.

Except one time.

During a chicken pox outbreak that got Olshefski and his brother and sister, the three were so miserable due to the itching, his mother agreed to bring the television set out of the closet (serious metaphor there) and allowed them to watch the original Disney classic, Mary Poppins, as a distraction.

While only a temporary fix, the magic of Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke kept the itching at bay for at least an afternoon our shirtless hero never forgot.

Those musical memories and the recent reboot moved him to shoot his new music video complete with woofy pianist, Johnny Walsh.

The video begins with the camera gliding in through the clouds (sans umbrella) to what appears to be an English mansion much like the Banks family occupies in the Poppins films. Moving from the expansive gardens to inside the house, the Shirtless Violinist delivers his own touch of magic.

All those famous songs – “Feed the Birds,” “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” “Chim Chim Cher-ee,” and “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” – are musically woven into five minutes of gorgeous (and shirtless) musical alchemy.

Hit the play button below. We promise it’s better than a spoon full of sugar.

Olshefski even wears red pants in homage to Poppins’ famous red coat as the camera rises back up and into the clouds in the end.

Well done, Shirtless Violinist!

Instinct has previously covered several of Olshefski’s videos here.

A few months ago, this writer had the chance to chat with the Shirtless Violinist about his music, his message and how cold it can get shooting music videos in different locales sans shirt. Hit the play button below to learn more about Matthew Olshefski and his music.

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