Shirtless Violinsit Creates Most Revealing Video Yet?

You meet a lot of interesting people when you do this job.  I've talked to rock stars, international civic leaders, porn stars, underwear models, fashion designers, sports players, drag queens, and everyone else in this gay, straight, queer, etc world. The most fun I have is when I am talking to someone that it is clear they are having fun with what they are doing with their lives. You can tell when their passion runs deep and overflows into their profession, their art, what we are seeing them do, and what they are proud to share with us.

And when there are two people, doing what they love to do, what they are good at doing, and they are sharing it with the world, besides being super jealous, we are as well super proud that they found an outlet for their creativity and love.

We met Matthew a few years ago when we covered his first video Katy Perry's 'Rise' ( shared in The Shirtless Violinist Helps Us Get Through The Work Week / September 20, 2016).  After our post, he reached out to us and thanked us. You just know when people are good people so we continued to share his videos. Just type shirtless violinist in the search field and you'll find a couple of pages of posts sharing his videos. You can as well head over to the Shirtless Violinist YouTube Channel and catch all of his shirtless action.

Here's Matthew on how his past two years have shaped up:

Two years ago, my boyfriend Paul and I launched The Shirtless Violinist YouTube channel. The story of “how it all began” is really quite simple: I wanted to make a beautiful music video, and Paul suggested I do it shirtless (because…why not??) We shot the video while on a road trip to California and gave the channel a clear and unmistakable name: Shirtless Violinist. Two years later, we’re still making videos!

Along the way, I have covered more than 25 songs from multiple genres including pop, soundtrack, classical, and Broadway. Some of our most popular videos have been Disney songs retold as gay love stories.

However, last Spring I released a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” and the accompanying music video told an original love story between myself and Paul. Quite unexpectedly, this video has become our most popular by far as it is fast-approaching 1 million views.

If you haven't seen that one …



That was one video I think we missed. Sorry Matthew and Paul!  I've subscribed to your YouTube channel and I won't miss anymore! 

Which brings me to this latest music video cover of “Bring Him Home.” Our idea was to expand on the modern-day love story we began to tell last April. Using a unique framing device, we wanted to show a few of the moments we all experience in relationships. From the first chance encounter, to falling in love, and all the little moments in between.

Matthew had PM-ed me on Facebook and told me this latest video was up and that it was a special love story with a surprise ending!  Matthew has been full of surprises. One such surprise made me get him on the phone for an Exclusive Interview With The Shirtless Violinist On His Shocking Cover Of Sia's 'Birds Set Free' and we were tickle pink when The Shirtless Violinist Turns Us Upside Down With His Cover Of The ‘Stranger Things’ Theme.  And we were ecstatic when they started to include Paul in the videos. But he said this surprise was a little different.



First of all,  WHHHHAAAAT?  And second of all…

So if life imitates art, and Matthew and Paul have shared many many things about their personal lives with us through these videos … does this mean?  I am sure it didn't say WILL YOU … spend this dollar bill already!  Will we see wedding violins in the near future?  I mean, what else would it have said?

If this is any clue to what you two are doing with your lives, Instinct Magazine will be in the Seattle area at the end of the year so set the date now!

Shirtless Violinist  "Bring Him Home" Gay Love Story – Shirtless Violinist – Les Miserables

STARRING Matthew & Paul
DIRECTOR Paul Castle
EDITOR Paul Castle
VIOLIN Matthew Olshefski

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