Someone Made An ’80s Style Trailer For “Call Me By Your Name”

While it looks like Director Luca Guadagnino’s dream of a 1980s sequel for Call Me By Your Name is still up in the air, we are getting a glimpse at what an ‘80s version of the film would look like.

A small Youtube Channel called Malcolm Edits decided to upload a quirky edited version of the film’s trailer. Taking notes from classic movie trailers from the ‘80s, the Youtube channel then cut away before it had a new parody trailer for the Oscar nominated film.

As the video’s creator explains:

 “Call Me By Your Name was probably my favorite movie this year, and as a gay guy, I kept thinking about how much I wish we’d had a movie like it when I was growing up. But then I realized that it’s probably better that it wasn’t made back then.”

Want to see the short, sweet, and fun trailer yourself? You can watch it down below.

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