SonicFox Doubles Down On LGBTQ Rep & Charity

Dominique McLean during his acceptance speech / Screenshot

SonicFox has donated thousands to LGBTQ charity and also come out as non-binary.

Dominque “SonicFox” McLean is an esports champ who won the title of Best Esports Player last year. At the time, he accepted the title by re-confirming that he’s “black, gay, and a fury.” But SonicFox has repeatedly made sure that what he says isn’t just lip service. He’s putting his money where his mouth is too.

Two weeks ago, SonicFox held a charity stream where he raised over $22,000 for the Trevor Project, which supports suicide prevention in LGBTQ youth. Over 72 hours, the video game player played games and campaigned to get fans to support the charity organization.

To celebrate, SonicFox flashed his fans with his bare chest, which had “Trans Rights” written on it. But that’s not all, Sonicfox then backed his promise for if/when the stream reached his donation goal. He shaved his beloved mustache.

And it wan’t just SonicFox who celebrated, as The Trevor Project tweeted its thanks to the gamer.

“Thank you so much for supporting our life-saving work and being a role model for LGBTQ youth in the gaming community,” read the tweet from the organization’s Twitter account.

But now weeks later, it seems that SonicFox has even more to say about his tie to the LGBTQ community. Specifically, the video gaming star shared on twitter that he identifies as non-binary and will accept He/They pronouns.

“I’ve always found myself enjoying things that were typically considered ‘not masculine’ and I’ve always thought of myself as 50% masc and 50% feminine,” McLean tweeted. “But I always felt ridiculed and made fun of for liking the more ‘feminine’ things of life.

“This in turn made me almost never go clothes shopping. The mens [sic] clothes section just never appealed to me,” McLean continued. “I felt almost nothing there really matched me. Strangely enough, I always enjoyed the masculine look of my facial hair and stuff, but never the attire!”

“I’ll be shopping very soon and may end up looking hella different than I usually do at tournaments, so stay tuned for that!” McLean wrote, adding, “Don’t worry the mustache is staying.”

McLean continued: “In time I could see myself dropping the He/Him pronouns. I cannot tell if I am genderfluid or not, but I feel identifying as a cis-man just isn’t too right. I definitely know I don’t feel like a woman either, but something in between like He They spectrum I feel fits me most.”

You can read the full Twitter thread below.

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